This thread is for users who are:

1. Annoyed or bored of using stock android

2. Disappointed coz of the delay in A10 update by ASUS

3. Wondering why you bought an ASUS phone in first place 🤔

Firstly, Google about what custom ROMs are and check out it's advantages over stock ROM and get a clear idea about it.

I've seen a few videos on youtube and based on that I think the Evolution X rom is the best ROM for Asus Zenfone max pro M1 (personal choice)

Few other custom rom suggestions- Havoc OS, Corvus OS, Lineage OS.


1. They have a lot of features that stock android can't offer

2. You can personalize almost everything

3. Enhanced performance compared to stock ROM (certain kernals enhances the device performance even further) 

4. Frequent OTA updates are available

5. These ROMs will be running on A11 before ASUS would provide the A10 update 🤭

PS: There are a lot of YouTube videos explaining this step by step (I'd recommend '24by7everything' channel for max pro M1 users)


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