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I ask mods that reply to our forum that, is our requests of bug fixes and feature requests being delivered to the developers? Because all i see is mods replying to our threads and posts and that's all. Nothing happens after that, the issues are ignored and no new things are added in next update. So please answer me with a valid explaination why is this happening and where is the update? Been a while since you updated so i hope you are adding new features to this phone and if no then idk wth am i doing here. I feel like i am wasting time on this forum and this might be my final post here because none of my requests were fulfilled. I encountered multiple bugs but i will only mention 3 of them.

1. Touch issue while charing the device, few spots on my device starts to click very fast.

2. In recent application window, sometimes the window vanishes and is invisible.

3. Grayed out refresh rate bug, even if we dont have any app open in recent tabs the refresh rate is grayed out and needs a restart.

I will attach a video of issue 1 and 2. 3 is a well known bug and fixed in rog 3 while its still in rog 2 for almost 1 year.

I hope for a logical explaination of why the update is delayed and if my issues are gonna be fixed or not.


  • +1, need more details.

  • No offense to anyone but, fanboys are the new mods here.

    I won't even be surprised if few guys come here now and say that even mods in Samsung and OnePlus forum won't reply properly. 😂😂

    For every problem that a actual user posts, fan boys rush and cover it by saying other brands have it too or the tech hasn't advanced to not have issue! I mean common!

    I'm done with Asus, especially with the software support.

    I would love to get reply from mods to the above following issues mentioned and what the heck happened to Red Tint issue, Air Trigger flickering issue, Black Crush issue etc....

    I know this is a community forum for users to get help from each other but I request few fanboys to stop covering up issues by pointing at other brands and stop asking users to factory reset for even issues that are at hardware level.

    Help with the knowledge what you know but don't be a sheep to coverup a company's sh#t!.

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
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    Yes, we do pass issues to devs and open cases for user issues. Over the past year, there's been hundreds of cases opened and closed with fixes across our new models.

  • Ahhh the comment i was eagerly waiting for someone to say xD.

    Well said bro.. 👍🏻

    I particularly know someone who is a "sasta mod/fanboy" currently level 3 maybe @Akash Gupta knows clearly whom m talking about 🤣🤣🤣

  • But major issues were NEVER fixed! We were not even given info whether if they're hardware or software.. We never got to know why we had these issues. We never saw any improvement or fix with any update.

    Only thing I understood was the fact that I should never buy a Asus smart phone after owning Asus Zenfone Laser, Zenfone Max 5.5, Zenfone 3s Max(which I still have).

  • The Devs dosent seem to pay any attention to you guys. Thousands of bugs you report but only dozons are replied.

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    I've been asking mods to fix the "flickering air trigger" issue since May and so far I've only gotten "it'll be fixed in the upcoming FOTA". Done with Asus. Buying Rog phone 2 instead of OnePlus 8 was a big mistake.

  • Ignore the minor bugs and lack of new feauture/UI updates for a moment Did you ever notice a single acknowledgement post / announcement from ASUS IN, ROG IN regarding the well know black screen / shutdown issue?


    Ofcourse it would've affected ROG3 SALES🤣

    They can pin all those useless threads to make them appear on the front page of zentalk but still can't put up an apology or atleast have some shame and accept the know issue i.e black screen/shutdown issue.

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