Volte Support For Singapore Carrier

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Is there any possibility that Asus will enable Volte for Singtel / M1 carrier??


  • In Brazil, Asus is the only brand don't has VoLTE ! I will think two times before buy Asus again!

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    You need to bring this feedback to ASUS locally and discuss with them. They are the ones negotiating with the local carriers/operators. You're welcome to discuss VoLTE support here but it will have way more effect if you let your local ASUS team know what you think. It might be that they're already discussing with multiple carriers but I know from experience that the process can be very slow

  • I did but they did nothing... And to activate or enable the function is all up to asus... Carrier is already have the support which I've checked...

    Asus is the one that wrote in the statement that they r the ones doing the enabling.. I'll find the article and post it here...

  • Only Asus hasn't VoLTE enabled in Brazil.

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