please announce whether the black crush issue is regarding software or hardware.

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please reply that the black crush issue found on most of the ROG phone 3 is software or hardware.

and what actions will be taken if the issue is found to be hardware issue. I believe that software related issues

can be fixed via update.

thank you


  • They will say that the next fota improves the black crush, I believe the problem is hardware related and software will only minimize the problem.

    The way Asus is reacting to this is pathetic, not giving an real answer, if the next fota doesn't fix the black crush I will send my phone back and ask for a refund.

  • At this point, it doesn't matter if it is hardware or software issue. Either way, service center in the case here already determine black crush issue is not valid for warranty claim. If it is hardware issue, nothing can be done anymore. Even if it is really hardware issue, they will never claim to be it, in reality, is much more cost efficient to perform dirty patch and wait till next generation than performing repair/call back in which I believe all units have such issue. When new generation come, they will push more attention seeking feature and have this problem fade away, no biggie since reputation is not large enough to get slammed by tech media.

  • Hi,

    We are currently looking into it. 

    For the time being make sure your phone is on the latest firmware version is .58 and please share a screenshot or video of the possible issue area.

  • It is a software issue. Even OnePlus 8 users were facing black crush issue. It was sorted with a software update.

    Also, the next software update for ROG phone 3 could be the solution to black crush issue.

  • OnePlus offered replace or repair to Black crush affected phones and later changed the OLED panal for newer batch of OnePlus 8

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