I have a question regarding version of the ASUS ROG 3 in INDIA.

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@Anders_ASUS hello sir!

i want to ask that which version of ASUS ROG 3 we get in India, from flip kart.

is it tencent version or global version?


  • From the review videos floating around in youtube for flipkart reviews, box looks to be a tencent version due to the square box, but with ROG Global version branding.

    Going to flipkart, the model number is ZS661KS-6A006IN

    On this page, the model number ZS661KS-6A006IN list network bands available. which match what the tencent version is.


    I would say India version is tencent hardware version with legit global rom loaded.

    Note: I draw my conclusion due to the evidences above. In no way do I claim to be 100% correct.

  • Tencent version means Chinese Rom, that's it. There is nothing to talk about hardware.Ram and storage options differs in regions. In India they are providing Global version. Theme store and Armory crate app with WW customisations are available here which is not available in Tencent version

  • It would be best left to the mod to answer it. The model number which India is getting does not match the global set, which is ZS661KS-6A006WW. Also global set is getting the hexagon box. If you search around the WW version also does not have 8GB/128GB version. Network bands of the WW is also the full bands whereas IN bands is much lesser.

  • Hi @arxan,

    It's IN version can't be compared to Tencent or Global version. Every version may have some customization as per the region.

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