Problem in air trigger Level 1
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I recently bought rog 3 and the black crush issue and the left air trigger is not working properly i can feel multiple haptic vibration without touching the trigger


  • My ROG Phone 3 often show the air triggers has been touch even I didn't touch it, but when I touch the lower part of the back of the phone, screen shows that air triggers was touched, and this problem happened in the most recent update, I don't know what can I do.

  • Hi,

    We are currently looking into the black crush issue. 

    For the time being make sure your phone is on the latest firmware version is .58 and please share a screenshot or video of the possible issue area.

    For Haptic feedback on air triggers, hope its not the motion gesture when you shake your device it give you haptic feedback.

  • Yes my phone is on latest version .58. and ya it's not the motion gesture it's the problem of left air trigger I'm not touching the trigger then also its been touch somehow. And ya i send u sample video of black crush issue.

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