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In my phone speaker sound is too much low mean alway one speaker work and when i restart then both speaker work it software problem.in call i put on speaker at that time sound is toomuch low its like i hear without speaker sound.


  • Hi,

    Can you check under below and confirm if you software version is .58:

    Go to setting => About => Software information.

  • Yes it is 58 software

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    @ARP_ASUS It is an issue since release. The last 5% of volume is the loudest and below 70% barely anything is audible. Its the same issue which MKBHD reviewed during release. Would love if thats fixed and volume increases and decreases gradually.

  • That is not problem. The problem is when i am on call i try to put call on speaker ,it still at low volume like no speaker. When i restart the phone then it fine.but after some time again that problem i face.and alway upper speaker is on and lower is off in video at full volume i can even hear because of one speaker work.

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    Thought of including that issue in this thread as its generally named speaker problem.

  • And another problem is when i attached earphone and i try to volume down or increase of music ,it always reduce or increase phone volume not music .i have to fist do manualy and then it work .

  • I pay 60000 for this phone sir . And i get this type of issues.i think that is no question here. How can i suggest this phone to someone with this issue.we have 2 speaker for louder sounds but phone does not give sound like one speaker at all.

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