HELP!! Asus f1 service centre destroyed my working mobile screen

eswar.gokueswar.goku Level 1
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Hello, 2 days back i have given my asus rog phone 2 in F1 Info Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd. 500016. my mobile was completely in working condition while i gave it to service centre. The problem with my device was there are some symbols and buttons showing in the screen all the time. the rep at desk said it is a BURN IN ISSUE due to playing pubg mobile game. due to a scratch on screen he said there is 50/50 chance of warranty getting rejected, i said if asus approves the warranty then do it, if i have to pay money then please dont do anything, i will take it back, the rep said ok sir we will let you know tomorrow(09-09-2020). Today(10-09-20) i got the call from f1 rep saying sir we opened the device and the warranty is rejected so if you dont pay for the display the device is unusable. what the actual hell? they already know the problem is in display, if the warranty is rejected then why the hell they opened my device? i have already specifically told them dont do any thing if asus rejected the warranty. now they denied the warranty plus destroyed my 40k mobile completely and think i should pay extra 15k. DOES ASUS THINK THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE DUMB OR WHAT?


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