Multi touch bug in pubg mobile. Stops after firing one or two roun while I'm holding the fire button



  • I sent msges from customer service and they told me they will fix this bug coming updates bro .. i hope it will get better for us ..

  • TRBTRB Level 1

    Yes bro I faced the same problem. All in a sudden i don't face this( multiple touch) problem. I try multiple things which I share with you, may be this will help.

    1st. I change Auto refresh rate to manual (90).

    2nd. I applied glass protector on the front screen.

    In version .47 I shifted to air trigger because this problem ruin the whole game....when I updat .70 then I shift back to 4 finger claw and in three days only1 time my fire button not works but overall I haven't faced this issue.

  • When will they come with am update? It’s been almost 3 weeks since the problem has been reported dude. People are growing impatient and I feel like buying asus products is just a waste of money at this point. With so many bugs and glitches. Come on Asus,fix the problem already and tell your customers you guys care and are in it for the long haul.

  • @plugmeup24 just be patient if they rush an new update another bug will come out.. so just chill it's still a new phone and 2020 still not over.

  • I'm starting to think this problem isn’t gonna be fixed guys. Getting a bit skeptical.

  • @himadri52 bro, what do you think? How long do we have to wait? And are you okay with playing with a reduced button size? Cause I'm getting very impatient to the point I want to sell my asus and get an i phone. But I'm still willing to wait.

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