Since few days I have no voice on ASUS VivoBook x543MA-DM621. Windows is completelly up to date.

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  • Hello kirysek,

    Was there any specific update or modification before the issue happened?

    The no voice means no sound or no microphone?

    and the issue is on speaker, headset or bluetooth audio device?

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for your request,

    The device could not be updated on a regular basis because the laptop was set that it does not update with the tariff Internet. Tomorrow the Windows 10 has been updated but still there's no sound on speaker and on headset. I haven't tested on any bluetooth audio device, should I?

    The only solution that works for a few hours is to uninstall realtek audio in the device manager.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Chris,

    I'm sorry I'm still confused.

    You mean there was a Windows 10 update "yesterday" and then the no sound issue happened?

    May I know what was the update?

    and please double check your BIOS and audio driver version.

    If you have bluetooth device, please kindly test.

    Thank you.

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