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Pubg mobile has rolled out 90 fps support for all devices except Rog2, I don't know what is wrong with rog 2, what is the meaning of buying gaming phone and spending money when other 25k rs phone support 90 FPS but not so called gaming king ROG phone 2.


  • Hi,

    Recently PUBG Mobile was banned in India and the App is not supported in India. We cannot comment the development of the App for IN specific region.

  • Not only indians, its not having 90 fps support in all region for only rog 2?

  • Yeah. It has nothing to do with the ban. Why does it matter which region? I am not from india but there is no 90fps anywhere on rog phone 2 but it is present on rog phone with pubg corporation to at least let them know. Help us gamers in rolling out the update as soon as possible. Please contact appropriate authorities.

  • believe me asus manufacturers buggy and bulky devices..Which recieves one update within a year.Say no to asus😔

  • Who telled that it's because of ban. Then how other devices got 90fps...... Only Asus devices have this issue. Pubgm already rolled out update globally. And they mentioned 90 fps support in most smartphones..... And every other brands got 90fps . ...... 120hz phone powerful phone. But no game support on your gaming phone....... I thnk better move to other brands. ..... They will give proper update and fast services.

  • I am switching to one plus 8.....rog 2 asus is total shitttttt.....!!!! very disappointed asus takes their costomers for granted....they don't have any kind of after market service at all....i am fed up i am changing....☹️☹️☹️

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