VoLTE Malaysia 😰

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Hi. Why no VoLTE on my phone. Im currently using Umobile & Celcom. The service already activated by my operator.


  • not provisioned.

  • hello asus. come on. game with 4G data will disconnect without volte when there is incoming call. u cant be serious not taking this on priority.

  • Local 4G/5G support in any country is up to the local team. I can't comment for individual countries. I just know it's much more difficult (often a very slow process) to get VoLTE support than most people think.

    Please contact ASUS in your country and ask why they don't support your carriers.

  • yeah but the link in my 'local' device support menu brought me here. there is no VoLTE support since ROG 1 apparently. does the 'slow process' means forever? lol

  • Singapore don't have volte too.

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    malaysia asus rog 3 no volte support to

  • please asus Malaysians who use asus rog phone 3 need volte too, buy expensive but no volte function, not just to play games only

  • WHAT ! RM4499 phone doesn't support VoLTE. come on Asus, what era you living. now I starting regret to purchase this phone. No wonder people fix to buy like Samsung or Huawei.

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