Pubg mobile erangle 2.0 update 90 fps



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    I will reiterate what I've said earlier in this thread (and others), as there still seems to be some confusion regarding this:

    We have been looking into why ROG Phones are not getting 90 FPS support ever since the first thread was posted about it here on Zentalk. Enabling 90 FPS is not something we can do - it has to be done by the developers/publishers of the game.

    Second part of this is of course that some ROG Phone 3 users have reported that they already have 90 FPS support. We have an idea of why this is, but bottom line is that Tencent/PUBG Corporation have not yet rolled out support for all ROG Phone users as of yet.

    I understand your frustration and we're doing what we can from our end. We want 90 FPS in PUBG Mobile just as much as you do. 🙂

  • Speechless... Mostly people's bought rog 2 because we trusted ASUS ROG 2 100% can use 90 FPS on PUBG MOBILE but in the end we all frustrated. Hope Team Asus do discussion with top management ASUS to find a solution of this case as soon as possible. The ROG 2 price is a not cheap like other phone brand's. Pls, pls & pls don't make us more disappointed. This few weeks we keep still waiting a good news about 90 FPS PUBG MOBILE play on ROG PHONE 2 GLOBAL VERSION.

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    I can relate bro , but there is no point in wasting your time here . Things are never gonna change neither they had untill now , I 've seen hell lots of bugs posted in this community major ones by @Akash Gupta and many more I'm sorry couldn't add you all, several times but the update we receive is all about enabling of VoLTE somewhere we've never heard of or somethings we jst dnt care . So far I've learned this - if you want to fix everything go for rog 3 that's the end of all the problems . I've seen some people defending that corona made it difficult to fix issues , but while bringing rog 3 that too in less than a year was not a problem . So keep it chill and atleast you know where you have invested this time so better luck next time 😊. For me I dnt have any major problems so far I'm really happy with my Rog 2 but there are somethings/features suggested by many of us should be there.

  • Yeah bro true. But I'm still hope & waiting Asus team to figure up on this issue till end of this month. Once their not give us any good news then i will decide for myself. One more thing, im not spend my money to Asus phone brand or support again afterward if their do not know how to solve this problem. I rather trade in my rog 2 to other brands. Me & some Rog user's will turn to Black Shark 3S for PUBG since their related & developed with Tencent Games. Heard not much negative comment from others side.

  • Any news on when we getting 90fps on pubg or still same issue?

  • Fortunately No 90fps. Just updated my phone and checked for any changes. But not fixed it...... Better move to other brands. Asus won't care about users........ Most smartphones already got 90fps. But on a gaming phone didn't........ Others asking that is it really a gaming phone or not.coz their mid range phones also got 90fps....... And they are making fun of me. Why spend this much penny for buy this one. They suggested me to go for OnePlus. But I decided to buy this Rog. It was a completely wrong decision I made.

  • Hi guys and ladies, really frustrated that we were the only ones who were left without 90fps... I think it's not an accident that rog2 is not supported and rog3 is supported. Probably it should make is buy the new one. It's really astonishing that oneplus manages to have this feature exclusively already in August in co-op with pubg, and rog doesn't even manage to get it end of Sept.... Very very poor performance from mobile game department of rog

  • Trust me, we're doing what we can to resolve this.

    As I've said before though, we can't enable 90 FPS support - for any model - from our end. It has to be done by the game developers.

  • Is there any updates.

    Yeah, we understand that asus can't do it from their end. But what we are expecting is team asus getting in touch with pubg/Tencent or the concerned team about this issue as the hardware is more than capable of pulling 90fps gameplay. And we as the consumers were expecting that when we bought the device. If asus team is unable to get a resolution for it quickly which means the team is not efficient enough. If the team was efficient enough this would have a resolution by now. You people are losing customers as well as your reputation. If I'd knew if it is not one of the devices which is getting 90 fps on pubg, I wouldn't have even considered buying rog 2.

  • Yes u bought the device we know.. doesn't mean asus will slave for they said it's pubg Dev's fault who are too lazy to enable 90fps so why you blaming asus? LOL...

    Play other games if pubg Dev's don't fullfill your demands...stop crying to asus..120 fps works in Rayman legends, shadowgun, grow up....pubg sucks

  • I understand it you r the only company give so much in this price u r awesome please keep add next update slow charging and work on how to get india mobiles 90fps in pubg mobile those who dont get it use hex editor to cheat 90fps i dont get ban im using it

  • As far as I know pubg is a "game" and rog 2 is a "gaming phone". So it should be able to run it at 90 fps. If not it doesn't even quality as a gaming phone. And I bet either you don't have rog 2 or you don't play pubg. If you did you would never say that. And why butting in others business. Lol.. did anyone ask for your opinion? The reason why OnePlus is so successful is because they care about their customers, they listen to what their customers has to say through forums like this. If not for sharing concerns ,complaints and solutions, what's the point of even having a forum 😂😂 you better grow up kiddo

  • Heyy heey guys let us just email n tweet pubgm for 90 fps support if we mass email n tweet them there is a hole they will listen to us.

    Becoz we all know asus can't even give us a bug free update what else they can doo we only have to take the initiative n contact pubg corp.

    Plz guys take 5min from ur precious time n contact pubgm....🙏

  • Hey there , I'm in

    We all should use same subject line and matter , as different mails may confuse them just a suggestion , let me knw if there is a better idea .


  • Same here bro .. rog phone 2 90 fps 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  • เหตุใดโทรศัพท์ Asus Rog 2 ของฉันจึงไม่รองรับ 90 fps เมื่ออัตราเฟรมการแสดงผลหน้าจอของฉันอยู่ที่ 120 fps

    Pubg ได้เปิดตัว 90fps อย่างเป็นทางการสำหรับการอัปเดตใหม่และฉันยังคงติดอยู่ในการตั้งค่าที่ราบรื่นและรุนแรง


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