Cant play games and integrated AMD graphics card driver not working properly

Reinzi EarleReinzi Earle Level 1
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Hello there, I have an ASUS TUF A15-FA506II-Al049T. I bought it last a month ago. I was able to play games like COD Warzone and NBA 2k20 for the past few weeks until today. When i open games my fps was at 4 or 5 which made the games unplayable. I opened the Device manager and saw that the AMD integrated graphics card driver is not working properly. I tried all the instructions Ive read at the Microsoft site and it still doesnt work. I still cant play games and I've observed that the gpu usage was only about 5 percent when I open those games. Please help me out. I tried to install AMD graphics driver from the AMD site but it still doesnt work out.


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