Solution: Black Crush issue

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Please follow the steps in the link in atteched text file (can't post link, so given in file)


  • I did it. It just changes the screen settings. Its not a fix. But it does help

  • Brother it helps to solve Black screen issue before update ,after the lastest fota update version .58 Black screen issue is also solved 50% as this app did. So the main issue with the pannel . I will show you some black crush problems after update with the below images and it aslo can't be solved by any 3rd party app. I don't sure about that, it's a hardware or software issue,only i hope it will be software issue and asus fix this problem as soon as possible.

    Plese asus fix this it is very irretaing

    @g3t4rs@Gustav_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @laura@laura

  • What is this issue? Is it black edge looks blurry?

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    At low brightness you can see the black crush on .58 latest firmware. Not matter which refresh rate.

    And it doesn't even go to as low brightness compared to other phones

    This is a screenshot from youtube video

    If I send this screenshot to other phone.. OnePlus 5.. there is no blackcrush I can see all the colors.

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