Black crush issue and a bit of heating issue !!

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It seems many users of rog phone 3 including me is experiencing a problem of black crush issue ! Which really seems to be demotivating . We all want asus team to look after this issue . We expect much more from this device . Everything is working fine but black crus issue makes me regretful sometimes. Please fix this problem as soon as possible and it gets heated while charging this doesn't seem to be normal with mobile phone !! Although it doesn't happen everytime. And hope to see a better experience in camera with upcoming OTA updates !

Just a bit disappointed !!


  • Hi adyeshvedant4777,

    We are currently looking into it for Black crush issue.

    It would be helpful if you can provide App screenshot where you are facing this. 

    Also, make sure your software version is latest which is .58.

    For heating, with hyper charge default 30W charger heating should be normal. You can get you phone checked at nearby service center.

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    Look at the dark black areas of these pictures in a normal images. It can make you imagine how worst it become with videos while watching movies on Amazon prime as we can't take running screenshot from Amazon prime I'm unable to provide you with screenshot but dude seriously it should be fixed . It really demotivates and make me feel regretful after paying an amount above 50k !! Hope asus team will look after the concern and fix this problem as soon as possible !! It have black crush even on 100% brightness and 60hz refresh rate !! This is totally not done. @ARP_ASUS

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    And yes my phone is in latest software version .58


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    See it's just a normal screenshot of Instagram


    And this happens with every single app !!

    Wherever the dark scenario appears !


    Just make us aware that if this can be the software problem or hardware problem. Or,

    This issue can be fixed or not with upcoming OTA updates. If not it is quite difficult to live with this issue using screen balance app to hide ailments of the device cannot be accepted for every single day

  • Left Rog 3 Right Samsung m21

    app Youtube

  • Rog phone 3 on youtube !! 😔😔

    No words to explain much !

  • Hello guys !!

    Will this problem of black crush issue be ever solved by asus !?

    I don't think so ! As in they are just pushing out the FOTA update for everything other then black crush issue resolving !!

    I'm personally very disappointed with ASUS and hit like if you want to boycott this company and raise voice for consumers rights !! They are just not worth for making mobile device ! ASUS have vary bad software build up with infinite bugs!

    But for me i didn't find anything impressive in this rog phone 3 according to price rather then just stereo speakers only !!

    Whoever agrees to me can take this discussion to the higher level and to the maximum reach !!

    Please like if you agree !! Share it on social media making people aware about not to buy Rog phone 3 even for free !! Most disappointing ever !! 😠😠

  • Lol all phones get bugs . And you already bought the phone so saying boycott and all Wont do anything. Many ppl have no issues with the phone . My phone has no black crush so saying all this won't help anyone

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