Black crush issue Rog phone 3

prajwalmnair1prajwalmnair1 Level 1
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Still disappointed that even after the update the black crush issue isn't fixed I'm really hoping to see a fix in this issue.

Even my previous discussion was left unattended after replying to my first comment


  • Hi prajwalmnair1,

    We are currently looking into it for Black crush issue.

    It would be helpful if you can provide App screenshot where you are facing this. Share software version of your phone as well:

    Go to setting => About => Software information.

  • prajwalmnair1prajwalmnair1 Level 1
    edited September 2020

    First image is without the third party app (I'm using it to even out the image or video from the pixelated black part).. second one is with the app turned on.

    And this is with 50% brightness.. if I go lower things get worse and even with the third party app doesn't seem to do anything.

    And here's a screenshot of my software info.

    I'm really hoping a fix or update on this😟

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