Statusbar issue: Asus Team just read for further details

Helo ;PuweYHelo ;PuweY Level 2
edited October 2020 in ROG Phone 3

Dear Asus Team,

I found out if you remove the clock from the left corner in the statusbar, the clock is correctly not visible anymore, but every other left corner statusbar icon like listening music with YouTube Player still shows the icon like there still would be a clock. The space is still there. Is this normal or a Bug? In a normal case the icon should be completely left and without space by disabling the statusbar clock. If I change the clock back while already having statusbar Icons in the left corner right next to the clock, the clock disappears and right Icons next to the clock change their Position correctly to the left. This scenario is only working while changing it during already having symbols in the corner. In every other scenario a completely not used space shows Up.

Appreciate any further Investigation


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