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My phone screen of ASUS MAXPRO M2 isn't working at all, only through power and volume buttons did i finally managed to turn it off. no screen damage, no dirt on screen. After unplugging it from 100 percent charge, I was surprised to find myself unable to operate the screen😭


  • Hi kulsoom

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly provide the information below so that we can better assist you.

    A. Does the issue appear after any system/apps' download or update?

    B. What do you mean your screen is not working? Can you provide me any video to clarify the question?

    C. Please try the following steps to access recovery mode for the Factory Reset:

    0. Try to back up your data with USB cable. If you can not access the phone, please check if your google account or microSD card have auto backup your data. 

    1. Power off the phone, then keep pressing "volume down key"

    2. Press "power key" and stop press " power key" once you feel the vibration. Still keep pressing "volume down key"

    3. Stop press "volume down key" once you enter [Android Recovery] Screen

    4. Choose "Wipe data/factory reset">"Factory data reset"

    5. "Reboot system now"

    #Hardware Reset Guide

    Please note that once the steps are completed, all data, apps, settings and personal information will be deleted.

  • HI Asus team- its seems there is a bug with your latest update. Most of the people around the globe has faced the same issue. Can you please look in this. More details :

  • i got the same issue. My phone got stuck at logo after the update in june. I emailed my complaint again and again to the company after which i got my motherboard replaced by the company almost after a month. They did not update the firmware when they replaced it. As you see, an update caused all of it so i was afraid to update it again. but the annoying notification forced me to update, 3 days ago. and nowwww as expected from the company, my phone is again stuck at the logo. Recovery mode opens up 1/100 times of rebooting. factory reset gives 1 hour of no problems. and then again it froze like brick and when forced restart, bootlooping occurs

  • i got screen freezing issue (touch not respond about 5 sec) seldomly that time only work unlock and volume key..

    I am 428 frim..version in M2pro

    please solve this issue in next update

    also low call volume (not audiable during call) is from pie to till now(beta3 ..428) this is the geniune issue

    i don't expect more but

    Asus can fix first basic issue and make usable of this phone.

    thank you

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