Any way that we can stop playing Game Sounds while listening to Music?

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Maybe a Mute Button just for the Games?? It would be wonderful if Game Genie would have this little tiny option. Or do I miss something? Everytime listening to Music it's always connected to the Ingame Sound Volume, so that if I decrease the Sound on the Buttons right the Ingame Sound also decreases. Samsung Phones ( which I had in the past ) can play Music and mute Games completely in the same time. Any tps for me? Or is it something still has to patched in??


  • Turn off the game audio from in game settings.

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    Please look in my other post for the response. I'm new in this Forum and the operation here is a little bit different than in other Forums.

  • No, this isn't an option. If I would do it this way, I have to go through every Game and set the volume manually for every game. And if I want the Ingame Music back, I have to go to Ingame Settings and set it back? What an act is that?? I'm just missing a Mute Button in GameGenie. Every other companies smartphone has it via their own Game Software except Asus Rog Phone, which IS a Gaming Phone? Kindy weird...

    Also why can we seperate Call Sounds with Message Sounds, but not the Gaming Sound? Each time decreasing the volume also decreases my Call and Message Sound after Gaming...not very nice if you don't hear your phone after playing a game with volume down.

  • Sorry for the late reply,

    On ROG Phone 3 you can toggle sound output for individual apps by pressing the volume key -> settings icon -> speaker icon. There you can toggle sound on/off for your game.

  • Thanks for the answer I found the right way. Gustav your answer is appreciated and I'm thankful :)

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