Black crush issue still persist even after the latest FOTA update

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Black crush issue still persist even after the latest FOTA update  17.0823.2007.58

Asus help us with it...


  • ZT-5989a903ZT-5989a903 Level 1
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    Yeah I am also facing black crush issue even after The 0.58 update. It was said to fix but it didn't work.

  • Yes black crush issue is not completely eliminated. However at max brightness it is resolved but at low and medium brightness issue still exists. I checked by playing GOT episode at max brightness and did not notice the issue

  • On 0.38 version I was not facing the issue but after updating it got worse you can also set the wallpaper black and check when you unlock the phone it's slow smudge effect on the top and bottom sode of your screen..I think it's the pannel issue or something else ...

    I prefer not to buy this phone to anyone looking for it..

  • Hi @Alban ,

    Please also share some screenshots.

    Also, we are working on the same right now.

  • @ARP_ASUS please find the attached screen shots I get the issue always from near the navigation button. Dont know whether it is black crush issue or display issue . I am attaching the SS removed in dark Rome from my another phone

  • never seen anything like this on my Rog 2,black crush is common but this looks different,I found similar issue from a consumer in flipkart

    go for a replacement if possible

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    Bro, you just said everything I wanted to say.

    Black wallpaper

    Area 1 is dark and grainy

    Area 2 is kinda how it should be.

    And this is throughout system... You can see it in instagram searching bar....

    I feel like it has something to do with particular grey color and pixels not turning on. Anything resembling or close to dark grey, software is making it black.

  • There is a heavy black crush issue my rog phone 3. Please help @ASUS855 @ASUS855

    Please tell if it will ever get solved or should I replace the device

  • If it's under the refund days policy I suggest please get the refund. aby replacement you will get the same device with same software.

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