Mobile Desktop Dock questions

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Hi guys, I've recently bought the mobile desktop is my configuration:

Rog Phone 3

Rog claymore keyboard

Rog Gladius mouse

Rog XG17 mobile screen

I want to use Cetra Headphones but when i plug in the phone in the Dock the other usb C disables so i can't use Headphones because Mobile Dock doesn't have a usb C plug for that, anyone knows if I use a usb C to usb A adapter they will work?

Also anyone knows if i can sync Aura Rgb by phone settings?

Thanks in advance:)


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    ROG Phone can't connect to two USB devices at the same time because one port will have very limited functionality (basically only charging). If you're using the dock or our Aeroactive cooler, then they occupies both USB C connections at the same time. But the dock works as a USB hub so the headphones should work if you connect via the dock with an USB C to A adapter.

    Aura sync won't work with the current CETRA because it can only show RED but the newly announced CETRA RGB should work. I haven't tried it myself though. 

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