• Dear @Anders_ASUS,

    we want this issue to be resolved not just decrease. Its been more than 30days since the official release of the phone plus 2-3 FOTA update yet Issue is seen everywhere.

    ASUS should have tasted before releasing the phone. It feels like ROG3 market release has more defects the XYZ phone's Beta release.

    In case it is an hardware issue do you have any plan to replace the phones, as you sold defective peaces.

  • We don't want to reduce it. We want to solve the problem

  • Why are you saying to reduce this problem. We want Black crush issue free mobile. We spent 50000. Some buyers got perfectly fine device and I got defective piece with this Black crush issue. Please provide mobile replacement at your service centre. Because you are telling lie that it is software issue. Guaranteed it is hardware problem. Because if there is software issue. All customer should face this problem.

  • We lost our money and now we're begging for updates to fix this phone

    Its jitters whenever it gets a chance on 144hz and battery drain is complimentary

  • Just updated to .98 but still this black crush issue remains ( CN rom) . WTF are you guys doing ASUS

  • I am also facing problem in asus rog 3 i should have research little bit before buying it. Oneplus was far better. asus rog is beast but with many desease, so what kind of beast can survive if beast is sick as hell

  • I am facing same black crush issue on my rog phone 3. I upgrade my phone from Samsung note 8. Now I am feeling so disappointed to spend 50,000 rs for such a faulty phone.asus resolve this issue or exchange my phone or refund me.

  • hey ive been experiencing the same issue, is it more of a hardware issue? or is it a fixable software issue? tyvm!

  • @Vaness based on the comment of one of the ,members here... its a software issue. it can be fix but it will take a lot of time. So we just need to wait i guess.Hopefully the next update will able to fix it .

  • All those users still suffering from black crush after the .99 update... Please specify in which app and at what brightness are you facing the issue ? Also please mention the refresh rate ...

  • I just bought ROG 3, mainly for the "great" display, but I was left very disappointed. Since day one I started seeing heavy grain on white and gray backgrounds which have a magenta tint in low brightness (0-30%). The grain is visible very easily even at 60Hz. Setting up a higher refresh rate, makes the grain even more noticeable and magentish. This grain problem is way worse than the "black crush" (which my display still experience), because the whole screen looks like an aged film photograph. I am very disappointed from this phone. There was no change after updating to. 99.

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