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 Dear ASUS,

I Purchased my laptop(ASUS VivoBook 15 X512FA) on 31 st Jan 2020 and this is the worst laptop which i received from cheater ASUS. I would like to mention laptop issues as below:-

1) My LCD panel is ruined and they changed the LCD but the performance of the LCD is very low compared with original.

2) WiFi hardware have always been a problem with my laptop. Sometime it automatically connect or disconnect but they do not have any solution for this.

3) When i was replacing my LCD panel few days back my laptop keyboard started typing automatically and keyboard's hardware got damaged and it is not working and it is shocking as i have never used laptops keyboard because i have external wireless keyboard and mouse. It happened within just 6 months.

4) Mouse touch pad performance has degraded .They promised to change keypad too but my question is that what will be the originality of the laptop and keyboard and everything in it after 6 months.

Do you think it is worth to pay 40k plus and getting end number of issues in it. On top of it i am been told to get replacement of the parts as it is in warranty.I will not at all suggest or recommend anyone to use ASUS products. I will broadcast and proclaim this message everywhere in social media and other consumer forum.We had a nice experience with ASUS earlier but regret to say that was all in vain.



Babu Bhandari


  • Hello Babu Bhandari,

    Please provide your SN in the PM I send you.

    I will look in to your case and ask for more escalation.

    Thank you.

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