Graphic Card issue - Artifacts / Lines on screen

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System : Windows 10 64 bit

Model : Dual-RTX 2080-08G


Detailed description:My PC crashed while gaming and rebooted several times. After the reboot cycle completed, the following issues came up:

1. Green jagged horizontal lines are being displayed on screen

2. NVIDIA settings/ control panel is not detected

3. Windows device manager detects graphic card but is displaying 'Error Code 43'

4. GPU-Z Shows '0 Memory' and Bus width and Bandwidth fields show 'unknown'

I have already tried the following troubleshooting steps :

1. Physically removed and reseated the GPU after removing any dust.

2. Reconnected all cables to PSU or Monitor

3. Completed all Windows Updates

4. Uninstalled and Re-Installed default drivers

5. Updated / Rollback Driver

6. Updated BIOS

After going through the above troubleshooting steps, the problem still persists. Also, even after updating and installing the latest driver through custom GeForce Installation (clean install), It still shows the driver as an available update.

How can i fix this? or is this a hardware issue..Please Help


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