ROG GL503GE Hero edition Lags and totally unplayable Help!!

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so i have many issues since i bought this laptop i never experience any 60 fps and 120 fps even on minecraft and i never play games at 1920x1080p 


here is my fps record in many game:


Just cause 4: 20 fps in 1024x768 and 5 fps in 1920x1080p low settings all almost off 

Assasins creed unity: 25-30 fps in 1600x900 and 15-20 fps at 1920x1080p in low-med settings

apex legends:15-33 fps in 1366x768 and 10-15 fps in 1920x1080 on low set 

Gta v:from 60 drops to 30 and stay at 35-45 fps at medium high settings at 1600x900 

Fortnite:from 100 fps drops until 45 and stays between 30-45 fps at 1600x900 and reduced the resolution scale if its in 100 i get like 20-30 fps



Here is my full spec:


16gig or ram ddr4 

gtx 1050ti 4gb gddr5

i7 8750h 2,21ghz

128gb ssd + 1tb hdd 


please someone help me what should i do:''[ 

This laptop cost me a lot of bucks

NB:all power mode is in high perfomance mode the gpu also and it still wont work


  • Hello CreeperDesu,

    Please kindly check the requirement of the games you would like to play.

    Your device might not have sufficient equipment or "just enough" to run it.

    So if you have install quite a lot of programs or there a some other things running in the background,

    it could cause your device to slow down.

    Also, in order to let the game run smoothly, fps and the resolution will drop as trade off.

    So you may do some adjustment when playing, or try resetting the device,

    or consider upgrading some equipment or even .....upgrade to a higher level model....

    Thank you.

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