Thought of upgrading to ZenPhone 7 Pro, but no!

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus ZenPhone 7
  2. Firmware Version: .171
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
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Really Asus? Was so pumped to upgrade to 7 Pro but you ditched the headphone jack. Watched MKHPD's unboxing video and said Asus ran a poll asking opinions and found out most of the users favoured Bluetooth. Really? Not that I ever came across such poll asking for opinions.

Already disgusted by your buggy OS but still wanted to upgrade. Hate Chinese phone and overrated Samsung and apple. And now this high horse behaviour on your part. You just lost a potential customer.



  • No one cares. Zenfone 7/Pro are still very interesting phones so they will find own target.

  • My dude. The headphone jack isn't needed anymore. Cheap Bluetooth headphones have surpassed cheap wired ones anyway, don't let that small thing ruin the 7 pro.

    Think about the AMOLED screen and everything else that's coming :O

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    The question is not about cheapness of Bluetooth headphones availability over wired headphones, but of functionality. You wouldn't understand. I don't wish to get into debate into this thread. Just my disappointment at Asus. Do try LG V-series phones someday and you will understand what I mean. Adiós.

  • What I have: zenfone6 with 512go plus sd400go

    (And 2 SIM)

    Zenfone7 : 256 max.......

    Jack : the only way for me to listen music in my car cause I have cinch in it and no Bluetooth...

    Zenfone6 is perfect for that!

  • Headphone jack isn't that big of a deal I haven't used mine since I got my senior Zenfone 6. I have wireless earbuds and Bluetooth in my car. I'm more worried about a north American Release of the phone

  • Yeah its a pitty that they ditched the headphone jack. Bluetooth its a shitty protocol but the market shifts towards it. It pisses me off too. Thats one of the main reasons i chose zenfone6. I connect my endless music list from it to my car system via jack and thats it. But it seems that we are a minority...

  • Plz don't invest on Asus phone, asus developer team is cheap quality developer layman they spoile your phone by pushing update.

    Think before investing money for asus phone

  • Do get your hands on LG V-series, probably the only smartphone manufucter in the market that focuses on audiophiles, they come with built-in LDAC which is a bliss for high quality music listeners. Din't like the current line up with notches on display - the biggest bummer.

  • Thanks for the advice but personaly i plan to keep the zenfone6 for 3 more years if thats possible... I used to be an iphone user for9 years and i did a lot of research before buying zenfone6 as my first android device. I had some serious issues with it that have been fixed now... I am gonna stick with zenfone6 for a long time. Zenfone7 doesnt seem an appealing device to me anyways. Hope nothing else to happen...

  • Wasn't suggesting you to switch over in any means, was just sharing what I know with like-minded. Of course, I have love & hate relationship with my ZenPhone 6, the new 7 Pro, however, seemed to tick most my bucket list, in particular OIS on cameras and better display, but let down with abandonment of headphone jack. Anyway, what's done can't be undone. Thanks bud 👍

  • No, I'm not. I don't remember, when I plugged in wired headphones to my phone. It's not necessary in 2020. Headphone jack takes a lot of space in such small and overpacked device as smartphone. It's not bad if jack is present, but nothing wrong if missing.

  • Even if headphone jack is not there. You should be able to route audio via the USB-C port. Just get a USB-C to 3.55mm connector.

  • I feel that since Asus offered 2 different phones, the lesser model should have included the headphone jack cause its something I'm looking for in a phone. Hopefully next time they decide to do a survey, we will be included in the process

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    Same here Z7 is no worth ,

    thumbs down for 5g hype (at least in India) , subtle improvement over 855 , fancy screen gimmick fetaures, where one could barely notice refresh rates, practically not so feasible at all , may be in a gaming laptop and that too if its above 120hz, one should need not to fall for hype, but stick to their usage pattern

    rather I would buy Z6 again ! little less compact , somewhat fits in hand

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    Idk why are you guys complaining so much

    Zenfone 7 comes with a 90hz HDR 10+ Samsung panel (with a maximum brightness of 1000 nits)

    Camera setup- imx 686 + imx 363 + telephoto 3x zoom (12x optical zoom)


    Base zf7 lacks OIS but zf7pro has dual OIS (one for main lens and one for telephoto)

    The new triple flip setup is much better than last year's the motor system has been improved and this time the limit of flips is 200k double than last year's

    Both phones can do 4k 60/120 and 8k 30 fps with EIS

    Motion tracking and everything is retained

    Plus there are various new tricks the flip cam can do now

    3 microphones with ozo audio technology:

    Asus has retained sd card slot,notification led and even has a physical fp scanner for that matter

    The side mounted fp scanner could be used in 3 ways: fp reader,smart key,power button

    Stereo speakers are present

    Snapdragon 865 with 5g modem (865+ on pro model)

    Lpddr5 ram with Ufs 3.1 storage

    5000mah battery with 30W fast charging

    Only thing it lacks is a jack and considering the market trend right now your only options with a jack are sadly LG and Sony right now

    Lg has a terrible update schedule meh UI and no development

    Sony is overpriced af and again not so great ui or update schedule

    Asus meanwhile has good development for both roms and gcam (developer seeding program)

    Just see the specsheet there are so many little additions here and there

    Plus the new Zen UI 7 is very well optimised (Rog 3 has the same)

    You get new audiowizard ui,new battery care additions,smooth ui animations,Rog game genie with features like fps meter and real time info

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    I sometimes charge the phone at the same time... I have 2 hours of car every working day

    I will keep this phone for many years too ..

  • You have to copy paste that to convince us? You don't think other will research on their own - that we have to come looking here for your suggestion? Lol.... If Asus users don't suggest feedbacks then who else will? Stop being a parrot mate. Every Asus users are entitled to share thier opinion/feedback not that you are handing Asus devices for free. Stop puppeteering.

  • Bruh all I meant to state was Zenfone 7 is better than Zenfone 6 in almost every way

    Stating feedback is fine but cribbing that the phone is shit cos it lacks a jack is meh

    And who is mkphd lol? (It's Mkbhd)

    And when did he unbox Zenfone 7 pro and state that "Asus ran a poll and claimed that users want bt" 🙄

    Sorry pal but that was done by oneplus back when they launched oneplus 6t

    Get your facts right before starting anything

  • Yeah that's correct, the two people who did review were dave 2d and super saf. Mkbhd still didn't review zenfone 7. All of you guys are acting like it is the only company to remove headphone jack everybody knows somehow they have to take a bold decision in the future to remove headphone jack and they did it. Plus they are giving many improvements over 6 which you can't deny. And they are also releasing two models which is also good.

    Yeah they didn't gave any new features for zenfone 6 till now let's hope we will get zenui 7 i am also becoming tired for asking new customizations and features. I am curious to know what devs are doing all the time🤦‍♂️

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