Asus 5z should be update to A11

GildarkGildark Level 1
edited October 2020 in Fan Chat

For me if the asus provider and moderator will take the step to give the 5z the A11 i think these will surely hit a users attention if they will take these shot more people or costumer will come and i think also that one of the reason like one plus brand will outstand ther compititor its because of there os update sipport like op6 the same os out of the box as the 5z oreo but still the op6 will get the A11 i keep asking why???? If only you will take the shot to boost your product these is the right time to prove it surely these step will attract the attention of the costumer and you keep comparing that OTHER PRODUCT SOLVE MILLIONS?? You know already the reason and the deficit that you need to work on or should i say TAKE THE STEP AND START GIVEN THE A11 ON THE 5Z....


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