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Can anyone explain me how this Aero active cooler 3 actually helps in cooling down our Rog 3 i.e -4°c ?

I had Rog 2 and bought Aero active cooler 2 , but the funny part is when i try to increase my fan speed on it, it rather increase device temperature than decreasing it and with auto mode the cooling is almost non existent..

Also the thing i noted in Rog 3 is the air vent is far ahead than the air vents location of the aero cooler 3

It would be helpful if any mods actually do a video on this cooler and show us the actual decrease in temperature while gaming considering in India many will buy this as its in sale from today ...


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    With Rog 3, usually -2 Celsius. Or stopping heat higher than 40-41 degree. -4 is possible, but highly depending on the actual air temperature around you.

    PS: this is my own experiment, and the cooler always works on full speed (under manual settings).

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    Did you understood what i wrote above ? Pls read it again..

    The vent part of the cooler is directed at our fingers where many coolers its directly directed towards the body or the vent area

  • Well, I'm just shared my experiments. It's up to you. I would say yes from two reasons:

    - There is az OC option under ArmoryCrate which is only available with Cooler.

    - Under heavy games it could help you play longer and on higher brightness level.

    However, don't think the cooler could make miracle. For example on summer, when the air temperature is more than 30 Celsius and you are playing outside.

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