why i cant use aeroactive cooler 3 on ROG Phone 2 ?

vashkatovashkato Level 1
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does some1 tryied to use aeroactive cooler 3 on ROG Phone 2 ? because i cant buy AeroActive Cooler 2 ? or if knows some1 black shark pro cooling fan is ok for ROG Phone 2? i know that u can use it on ROG Phone 2 but i do not know does it cool phone :/ pls pls help


  • You are correct, the AeroActive Cooler 3 is not compatible with ROG Phone II. I can't make comments about third party alternatives, but a Google search might help you.

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    Aero active cooler 2 has been out of stock for over 8 months, and now the new one is not backward compatible. Makes me wonder if I should get a new phone only for a cooler. Will it ever be made compatible with a future update?

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