When you guys are going to give us Android 10 Update for Max Pro M1?

souvikpaul941souvikpaul941 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone Max Pro Series

Please tell us when you guys are going to gives us Android 10 update for Max Pro M1. It's been six months since the first beta had dropped. We are eagerly waiting for the update but you are only giving fake hope about the update. Since the last two update which you have released has ruined the battery life on Max Pro M1, it drains the battery upto 40% in standby. Your last two update ruined the phone and I am waiting for a new update to fix this problem. Either give us a patch which solves this problem or give us Android 10 which should also solve this problem. I have recalibrated the battery and did Factory Reset, but none of these fixes my problem. My phone is only 1 Year old. I hope you will give the update soon.


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