[5z] Justice to flagship, Atleast zenui 7 top of Android 10 OR Android 11 top of zenui 6



  • We hope this evaluation comes to a conclusion soon and atleast confirm YES or NO to 5z users soon so that users may rethink about expecting support extenstion from ASUS and changes in support policy strategy this year asus can prove to its larger 5z community and make users happy or sad for future tech buys from asus

    ASUS can take its required time to patch zenui 7 or android 11 for 5z this year there are not more than 4 devices to work on for android 11 or zenui 7 for asus so asus can add 5z to support list as larger community and this thread's 140 comments shows it all that what 5z users expect from asus

    "Please dont dissapoint 5z users" @ARP_ASUS

  • Thank you for replying, hoping for some positive response from Asus, and after evaluation completed please reply in this thread and clarify your message by saying yes or no. Because you can see there are so many users responded to this thread and they are still having faith in Asus and I hope Asus will not disappoint such a large and active community.

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    Just Say us here Yes and No. Evaluate. Take your time. Do some preparations before commenting anything.

    And at last make us Either Sad or Happy.

    I would say I'll always remember the support Asus has given us from 2018 onwards. 😄

  • Beside SOC there is nothing difference between our (so called) flagship and other mid rangers even they are good coz they have vowifi.

  • Extension of support would be great along with fulfilling some of the bare necessities such as VoWifi, touch issues etc that people have already pointed out would be phenomenal. Asus 5z has an IMX363 as its main sensor. 6z onwards Asus has moved to 48MP sensors with 0.8um making 5z technically have the largest single pixel size. A night mode in the 5z camera would simply blow everything else out of the water. So its kind of high time the camera app was revamped. ZenUI 7 as many have pointed out if pushed to the 5z will be great.

    Xiaomi has a similar strategy where they support their phones for 3-4 years by giving 4 or more MIUI updates keeping the android version same. If ASUS gave us ZenUI 7 for 5z even based on Android 10, I guess we really would have nothing much to complain about. Therefore I request mods please kindly consider giving us ZenUI 7. We love ZenUI, it can be a good thing for ASUS too. As long as security patches are coming, the underlying android version won't hurt much. New ZenUI would only make 5z more capable.

    So, pretty please!! Thanks!

    @Anders_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @ARP_ASUS

    Thank you all!

  • Guys, had talk with my relative he in ASUS TEK. Bangalore, currently working as design development and sales managing department. We won't be getting zenui 7 or android 11 also he added support is nearly ended towards 5z.They have upcoming zenfone 7 and rog 3 strategies. The mods will only say that they are evaluating since they just want some nore time to push another security patch. Very disappointed. I don't know how true will this statement come. But i told what i heard. Im sorry too. We love 5z ASUS. pls consider us too. 😢

  • Even if its true there is nothing wrong. We got our share of updates and official support extended more than 2 years as Asus had promised only 2 years of update. So no complaints there. Just that we should get a stable system when support ends that's my only demand.

  • What MI device gives 4 miui updates? and 3-4 years support? Most probably they are not sold in India then.

  • Zenfone 7 n 7 pro are not coming to india thats officially confirmed this year asus is coming with some different hardware designs specially for india from budget to midrange flagships like successors of max series in diffrent names n only rog series this year

    So if 5z atleast gets new zenui skin or android 11 m sure asus will still keep its stand stronger in flagship range in price that 5z is sold

    5z can still compete in 2020 no doubt so asus should consider our request and fill the gap of zenfone 7 series not launching

  • I said nothing about android os updates. MI phones get 2 years like every other device out there. I was talking about MIUI updates which is just the skin on top of the OS. Like our own ZenUI. What I said is even 4 year old phones from 5k INR segment like Redmi 5A get updated to the latest MIUI. I have used it myself, the Redmi 5A was released with MIUI 7 on top of Android 6 in 2017. It got Android 7 in 2017 based on MIUI 8. It is still on Android 7 today. But it has MIUI 10 with the Feb security patch. So thats what I was pointing to here. Even phones as old as Redmi 4 released with MIUI 5 got updated till MIUI 10. While their Androids never got updated, the MIUI is updated for 3-4 years even for budget phones. You can verify it from other sources.

    And if you do want to draw a parallel with 5z, POCO F1 was released with MIUI 9 - Android 8 Oreo. In 2019, got updated to MIUI 10 - Android 9 Pie. Earlier this year got, Android 10 - MIUI 11. Now it will get MIUI 12 based on same Android 10. That is how it is. However given what you confirmed in the previous post. All this doesn't make sense. Fingers crossed for 5z. Cheers!

  • Asus sadly links their UI updates with android versions. So i am not much hopeful. It would be nice if they atleast make A10 completely stable before finishing with the support. Though what you suggest is something every other company should adopt. UI updates SHOULD NOT be linked with Android updates. Good day.

  • All I want to say Asus that we agree that u kept your promise but at the same time what about those basic features that 5z has missing? Vowifi is introduced before 5z support cycle end right? Then why 5z still not get vowifi? Even if no prime HD support.If u promise for 2 years support then we should get vowifi and Also prime HD. 2 years software updates doesn't means only os upgrades but also we expect some new features also. And we should expect feature updates because 5z is a flagship device and people bought flagship devices not only for performance but also they expect some extra features in comparison to midrange devices. But we 5z users are still requesting for basic features like vowifi, Amazon prime HD and Dedicated night mode singe long time. Other midrange devices get those features easily and here we keep shouting for those features. And we open this thread just because Asus said that those features were not in their hands so we agree with them and requesting them for Zenui7 which is in their hands but now if they don't give us Zenui7 also then not only me but many users of this large 5z community will definitely left Asus after this kind of support.

    Give us basic features that are missing like vowifi, prime HD support, Dedicated night mode/Zenui7/Android 11, any of these would be great.

  • Asus is finished for me. You can't expect a Zenui7 and a11 update from a company that can't offer a more stable update.Asus disappoint.

    I bought it as a price performance phone(Zenfone 5z) in 2018, but then I realized that companies like poco, xiaomi and realme,oppo are much better alternatives. Asus can't compete.

    Surprise us Asus

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    Yes. They update the UI just once... Better to get a pocophone or another xiaomi device. Cheaper and better support

  • ASUS is dead, denying future updaates and finishing support full of bugs on the 5z

  • My Zenfone 5z phone is running out of charge much faster than before, please fix this with an update.

  • I wish this is not true and they are working hard for 5z or else this will be injustice to a flagship with such great hardware

    Also i believe they will provide us zenui 7 atleast if not android 11

  • I have waiting for 2 years for the multi-touch screen of the phone to work stably.

    Update .87 was a little good and that's all.

  • RIP ;_; Display Multi Touch.

    ;_; RIP updates.

    ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;

  • I agree. There is not much more to say, we trusted asus, we were wrong. Never again. Do not buy Asus phones, there are brands that better support this money. Zenfone 5z will never get A11. The beautiful phone in 2018 was Zenfone 5z. Although it was still good in terms of hardware in 2020, it got worse with the updates made within 2 years. Battery drains quickly with android 10 and some of its features have been deleted. Thanks to Asus management, it has been a phone that has worsened with updates. Asus Management forces me to buy new phones.

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