[5z] Justice to flagship, Atleast zenui 7 top of Android 10 OR Android 11 top of zenui 6



  • Over the years, the official replies I have seen on the forum are that the life cycle of ASUS products is 18 months. Except for 5Z in your list, all others have the opportunity to update to android 11.

  • Hey @amitgarde3 Does auto rotate bug is present in your device?

    If yes then did you inform the mods

    And what is the progress about fixing it

  • Auto rotate bug does not exist on my 5z but i informed mods earlier and they need captured logs whenever you face bug for auto rotation

    If you are facing and ready to capture logs for auto rotation bug kindly inform me & mods and i will inform them to pm you

    Thanks !

  • I am also facing the auto rotation bug some times it doesn't rotate while watching you tube videos mostly I am facing and sometimes with games

  • Thank you mam for your reply. Hope Asus will not disappoint us :)

  • TheseMoodTheseMood Level 2
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    Hello Christine,

    Zenfone 5, Max pro etc. While your best-selling phones did not even get Android 10 in an easy interface like "AOSP", even when it is not certain to buy. If it buys Android 11 and ZenUI 7 just because 5Z has sold a bit more. Phone users, who play a big role in the Asus forum, will make various sanctions against Asus that will cause them to be harmful and not preferred. For this reason, instead of evaluating the phones that you do not need and do not promise, I strongly recommend that you evaluate your lagging users who have promised and cannot use many features because of you. Do I need to say that we are no longer impatient with updating? I think you do.

    Good afternoon, Thank you ...

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    Yup everything you said is true 5z should get android 11 update or atleast Zen UI 7

    We need those accent color and icon shape options,plus Zen ui 7 has so many good features (themestore is pretty meh compared to what zen ui 7 has)

    Asus atleast owes us this as we do lack some things that current/2018 flagships which launched alongside 5z have and I'm not complaining it's fine as long as Asus considers updating 5z to android 11 or zen ui 7

    Both would be great tho 😁

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