[5z] Justice to flagship, Atleast zenui 7 top of Android 10 OR Android 11 top of zenui 6



  • Money plays! 💵💵💵

  • safalsafal Level 1

    All this but truth is that everything has a lifetime and 5z is ending now

    Needs new update search for custom ROM

  • R.R. Level 2
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    Yes. It's unfair. Important things are missing. Please, give us new gpu drivers. And it's not fair to wait 2 months for bug fixes. Release an update every 2 months after everything is solved and optimized

  • Yeah. I also think that optimization of current firmware is needed. There is no need of a new android update or ui. The new update will bring more bugs than features.

  • Dir3WolFDir3WolF Level 1
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    New ui and Android update required. They are developers they can fix the bugs. And except for battery, Android 10 is optimised.

    Thread is about new Android update or Zenui , please read it before writing comments.

  • Yes A10 is alredy about to get optimised with coming updates but i think you didnt read topic right we are expecting new ZENUI 7 or A11 which will bring more handy feature set also extenstion of support will surely optimise this new ZENUI or A11 so nothing will remain unstable so dont worry !

  • Poco f1 doesn't received any updated gpu drivers , its still the same V415.

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    I have clearly read all posts and topic of this thread that's why I commented there is no need of new UI or A11 update, right?

    @Dir3WolF @amitgarde3

    I mean why? Why we badly need A11 update?

    First read what's A11 about :

  • I am a Zenfone 5 user. Android 10 update has not arrived yet. It is said that ZenUI will not even exist: d. Zefone 5z received this update at the end of 2019. This year is ending and is still missing. Asus said they will provide support for 18 months. This supports even after 18 months. If Android 11 or ZenUI7 comes (impossible in my opinion) Update support will be extended for another year. And this support is expensive as I understand from Zenfone 5. No matter how much the phone is sold, the 5z is now an older generation phone. Instead of being pleased that the 2 version updates keep their promise, your eyes are getting higher. I hope asus does not cut support.

  • Yes, Asus we 5Z users deserve this. We have invested our hard earned money on your so called flagship phone. Android 10 after its launch was unstable and buggy for almost 9 months. I had to downgrade to A9 for better performance and battery. Also, we have been requesting basic features like ARcore, better camera and Prime HD for more than 2 years now. Please provide them and compensate us with atleast zenui 6 on A11. May be this would give an urge to the existing user base of 5Z to upgrade to future devices of Asus. Otherwise, you may lose your user base after releasing such a good phone.

    Wannabe loyal Asus customer

  • R.R. Level 2

    Really? Someone on xda said v464 is default on latest miui 12...

  • BrunoF20BrunoF20 Level 3
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    You don't need it? You can stay outdated. The changes that an update would bring? One more year of support and, with that, chances of getting functions that should be here since Pie and we still don't have.

    For SD865 devices only. Anyway, ASUS should bring it as it is not hard via Magisk and no bugs at all.

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