[5z] Justice to flagship, Atleast zenui 7 top of Android 10 OR Android 11 top of zenui 6



  • one final request i have...

    kindly Add Hd playbak in Amazon prime video

  • Exactly, Asus should change its policy in terms of software updates to compete with other smartphone brands.

  • #JusticeFor5z.

    I still have hope for 5z. I understand no Asus phones supports ViLTE then how 5z can. But VoWiFi. Sadly every new asus phones ( from 2018 onwards) supports VoWiFi except 5z.

    Literally we 5z users really don't have any new feature(s) since Android 9. No night mode in Pixel Master camera app even though 5z has OIS. No Ar Core and then people who wants Prime videos to be played in HD not supported in 5z.

    Then this infamous touch issue which is their since the inception of 5z.

    I to Asus - Give something new to 5z users at least.

  • You are right ASUS will stand stronger in front of other OEMS if they do it for 5z 🤞

  • Yes, ASUS should atleast give vowifi to its users.

  • AbhinavAbhinav Level 3
    edited August 2020

    Are they even listening us? What's happening guys?

    I really need VoWiFi.

  • Even newer Zenfone 7 series got Real Time Information Systems for Gaming. Same as like ROG phones have.

    If we 5z users get ZenUI 7 then maybe there'll be a Chance of getting "Real Time Info" system for games same as like Zenfone 7 series and ROG phones have.

    They can even implement "Real Time Info" to 5z now.

  • They are watching each and every comments,don't know whether they will listen us or not :(

  • They should listen us i never loose hopes lets keep trying who knows if they change there strategy for one last time 🤞😅

  • R.R. Level 2
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    At least the gpu drivers should be updated. We need at least the possibility to update them with root. I guess kernel has to be changed. Even Pocophone f1 received v464 gpu drivers. Without this Zenfone 5Z doesn't have its full potential. This powerful device doesn't have its justice

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