[5z] Justice to flagship, Atleast zenui 7 top of Android 10 OR Android 11 top of zenui 6



  • It is a miracle that 5Z can have a stable version of android 10, look at the poor android 10 crippled version of ZF5

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    Vowifi for Jio can come via an ota but arcore I doubt as google has to certify the devices and 5z is like 2+yrs old now so pretty slim chances of that and as per mods have said arcore is probably not possible now

  • So sad to see the lack of response on this thread. Such an active community, so many people requesting for the update. Yet nothing apart from that one single official comment stating that it is under evaluation. Atleast an update would help us understand a bit. This is deeply disappointing from Asus. Really wanted to move to ROG after this, but such negligence towards customers is not acceptable. Been an Asus fan for almost a decade at this point. Right from my Asus G750 ROG laptop all the way to now having multiple Asus phone's and laptop's in the household. Really had high hopes for them understanding us.

  • Then you think Zenfone 5z will reach Android 11, then ROG 1 does not even have Android Q, so I think it is not feasible, if Zenfone 5z is upgraded, then I think it is very unfair

  • So this is my first Asus device i bought and as a result in the name of flagship they gave us lolipop, it is really disappointing to see such a unprofessional work from such Company. There are lots of bugs and many things are missing. If they will not listen to their customers then in the coming days there will be no ASUS.

  • Nothing unfair here its all about hardware limitations ROG has a lot of strong complicated hardware that is the reason why asus wants it to remain on android p inorder to maintain stable performance and overal stability and zenfone 5z has no complications it is normal premium flagship this is diffrence so expectations are what varies

    Yes thats sad rog is not updated but i may say there is lot of difference between gaming segment and premium flagship segment this should be understood


  • Hi,

    I totally agree with what @amitgarde3 told now and Asus has done a brilliant job by keeping 5z updates alive and trust me 5z updates are still on. Today Asus has surprised many users by giving vowifi support for JIO in India and adding Volte support for TMO in US. And till now updates are on. We are getting extended support now because 5z has crossed his support cycle 4 months ago (According to 2 years promise period). But till now they didn't stop updates for 5z. Asus is listening and bringing up new things to us is way more surprising and we are impressed towards their approach to 5z. We are happy that we are getting extended support from Asus.

    We are hoping for some miracle and who knows they might change their strategy. So that's why we are demanding Zenui7/A11 because 5z is a premium segment phone and we should expect. And we know that chances are very low but who knows they might change their strategy. And if they won't give us A11/Zenui7 then also we are happy because updates are still on.

    A big thanks to @Anders_ASUS sir and the whole Asus team for adding Vowifi support for 5z :)

  • If you don’t update ROG1 Android 10 for stability, ROG2 should not update Android 10, so the requirement for stability is an excuse, and don’t forget that Zenfone 4 Pro is also a flagship machine but Android P has not been released, plus my family is in When ASUS goes to work, they know very well that the mobile phone department will not have 3 years of updates,

  • Number of sales of particular smarthphone also matters alot to invest resources on it and delicate hardware is also a reason ROG1 & Zenfone 4 pro both had less sales due to global unavailability so nothing wrong

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    You said that the sales of Zenfone 4 Pro and ROG1 were in the rankings for a few months at that time, and the sales were very good. Is that very bad?

  • Do you think that the sales volume is very bad, so 5z is also bad

  • I dont think rog1 & zenfone 4 pro where sold as good as 5z did

    I request you to kindly keep conversation upto Zenui7/A11 for 5z rather than discussiong on unwanted past stuff which has nothing to do with support extenstions


  • Are you discussing outdated content?

    forget it! I can guarantee that 99.9% of things will not happen, please wait slowly, there will be no results, please do something more meaningful

  • To update in 3 years, go to buy Google Pixel, this thing is completely whimsical

  • I guess asus doesn't need us anymore

  • And i 100% agree with your opinion wholeheartedly sir. We got fantastic support for what we paid (30k). Judge it by Standards of 2018 "Budget Flagship" phone and not a "Full-blown Flagship" of 2020.

    +1 there. %z support should have ended way back in July 2020. They extended it till now just to make sure we have a stable system by end of support. Its totally unfair to criticize them for certain things which is just not possible to implement at end of support cycle for a 2018 Device.

    A stable A10 experience is more preferred

  • Hey I feel we need update regarding battery backup and some optimization in the performance. It's lagging during multitasking and I don't know my phone's fingerprint is working too slow...

    Still on September security patch..

    Are we getting any update for 5z now..

    Any last update..?

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    We are going to get a new update very soon and battery backup bug has been fixed in the upcoming update :)

    I didn't face any performance issues or lag during multi tasking. If you face lag issue then try clearing cache and check.

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