[5z] Justice to flagship, Atleast zenui 7 top of Android 10 OR Android 11 top of zenui 6



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    It's a waste of time

    According to the understanding of their performance in the department, it is the worst department of Asus. They will definitely not have Android 11 plans. It is very bad for the mid-range machine to update it. This is impossible. You are asking like this. The official still replied "Cannot do it." "

  • 5z support is not yet over and i have a strong feeling that it should be updated to be at its best

    We are waiting for magical Android 11 or zenui 7 and officials havent confirmed yet as clear No so be hopeful🙈

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    Anders said we have 1 major update with bug fixes left and he didn't have any info regarding the support period left or A11

    So I don't think we'll get android 11 nor zen ui 7 now (I'm using some apks from Zen ui 7 that work well for me )

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    Asus pushed out the 8th beta of A11 for Zenfone 6 today with various bug fixes

    I guess if they update 5z to A11 they'll have to push many updates after that for fixing bugs and system stability like on A10

    So there are pretty slim chances of us ever getting A11

  • Dear Asus,

    Then why we are even buying asus phone

    You called this as flagship and When in the end we can't even show pride of our phone in front of low budget smartphones in terms of features

    Dear Asus please focus on existing userbase While trying to get new ones or in the end you don't have the userbase

    Yours sincerely,


    @Blake_ASUS @gabriel_prado

  • Uh not really

    Asus's policy is 2 major android upgrades as of now whether it be the new Zenfone 7 or Rog phone 3

    So can't really say anything unless they change their policy to 3 android versions but sadly we won't be a part of that

    We already got 2 major android versions and 2.3+yrs of support (better support overall compared to oneplus 6 and poco F1)

    What features do you think want? don't we have everything

    Vowifi Anders had said they're testing it rn for Jio

    Fair enough

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    I would like to raise some serious warning about Android 11 for 5z. According to information available on specialized software sites, as per today, 10 Nov 2020, Android 11 is still presenting major issues. They relate to, among others, Calls no longer working, audio problems when streaming; Google Assistant not recognizing the contacts, WhatsApp not working, Calendar missing, Connection problems with the car not responding to the smartphone, Dual SIM not working.

    I am afraid that a delivery of Android 11 for 5z in the short term would be a suicide for any user who needs a working phone. Better to focus the future updates, if any, on the corrections of the existing bugs with Android 10 and on the security updates.

  • I don't find anything "Flagship" level in my 5z. I loved it but it becoming a Mainstream device now. It should have at least zenui 6 on top on A11 . And of course camera improvement , nightmode. The phone can be more optimised. Please make our 5z such a device to be proud of.

  • Give us zenui7 on top of android 11

  • It's been a great journey with my 5z and Asus has improved a lot in terms of software updates and there is no major bugs also. So they are working very hard to make 5z stable. Till now I haven't face any serious bug rather than battery draining (which will be fixed in upcoming updates so no problem).

    I really hope that if Asus could give us Zenui7 or A11 then it will be like cherry on the cake. I know it's very difficult for them but still I m hoping for some miracle.

    I hope the whole Asus team is watching this thread closely :)

  • I guess not everyone but some are definitely watching this thread and marking notes too.

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  • There is another update, there will be no updates in the future, as I learned the official news is like this

  • I was an ASUS fan before, but later asus didn’t care about it at all. They planned to do it like this and it won’t change.

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    Yes 5z probably won't get android 11 nor zen ui 7 but there are a couple of updates left for 5z ( I confirmed it with a moderator)

    1-2 bug fixing updates after than some irregular updates here and there

  • I have no compalins with support 5z got till date but expecting UI update is i personally feel not wrong coz i would say zenui 6 came in for 5z but most important inbuilt apps are still broken or are as same as zenui 5 and there are also few more basic features mentioned in thread which are missing as a flagship

    So i dont think expecting android 11 /zenui 7 is wrong we want to fill that Gap and expect a flagship performance from a flagship

    As tagline itself says "flagship redefined"

    But i still cant find a defination of a flagship in 5z i dont need to explain in what aspects.you can understand those by yoursleves

    Also many brands are opting for 3 years support extension so this move from asus would not be dissapointing for sure

    Yes i know we have few more updates left but who knows if we get surprises so fight for 5z is still on you can go through this thread comments almost 100 of 5z users are expecting some more support so i hope they will not be dissappointed



  • I can understand Asus' policy. The new android update will increase the cost, they will spend time on new research and development for the new update new bug fixes. They don't want to waste time on the relatively old phone anymore. They develop for newer phones, this is normal. Android 11 would have made me very happy. I would be an Asus fan :)

     But if the zenui7 update does not arrive, I will be very disappointed. I hope they give the zenui7 update. I don't want it to remain a dead phone in 2021. It is still the middle class of the current market with the phone's fast platform. If Zenu7 comes along, Zenfone 5z can live a little bit more. Zenfone 5z officer ship deserves this.

    Thanks :)

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    Vo-Wifi & Arcore would make 5z atleast on par with other devices in market , this is would be really good . Above that if they can further slim the UI via Android 11 or/and Zen UI 7 it would be excellent . This device is still a very capable one .

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