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I can't find a way to install icon on rog phone 3. As I have seen some videos that it is possible in rog 2. There is a setting I am missing?

Or it has been removed?

If removed, please give us a option for icon pack and accent color change.



  • Hi @GaneOjas,

    You can change theme under Settings => Themes.

    Can you tell me below:

    1. Which particular Icon pack you want to install and from where?
    2. Can you share the video which you are talking about ROG Phone 2
  • Thanks for help.

    I figured out way to just apply icons only from themes. There is a option.

    Now is there a way to create custom themes for asus rog 3?

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    If you are not in love with Asus launcher do try other 3rd party launchers. Personally I have nova prime. Keeps all my devices having the same look. And Viral being the best icon pack.

    Would really love to know if there is a way to develop custom themes.

  • I agree with you, but nova at this moment doesn't support android 10 gestures, so if I want that I have to stick with Asus default launcher.

    While you can do that, what happens if I want my own icon pack ?

    I mean the problem with the theme icon packs is that it doesn't change all the apps, and some of them keep the colours, but I want a minimalist black and white look.

    So we do need an option in the launcher itself to change just the icon pack from, just like the Rog 2 has.

    I mean the launchers look quite similar and I don't understand why would you scrap such a great option.

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