ASUS ZenFone 6 gets a limited beta sign up for Android 11 . I Think Zenfone 5Z Out Of Line

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In order to enroll yourself in the Android 11 beta testing, users need to have the latest stable channel build of Android 10 (software version 17.1810.2008.171)

But We Are Still Waiting VoWifi Update 🤣


  • GeraGera Level 1

    Of course not what do you expected? They already release 2 Android versions to 5Z and they need to sell their new phones too.

    Zenfone 7 is on the corner so they will focus on that new phone and Zenfone 6 will get more popular cause prices may go down. 5Z is dead.

    Whe still didn´t get a full stable Android 10 experience. Each update we get it fix some bugs and bring new others.

    We only can hope for some more patches to fix most issues like battery drains, touch, HD Video etc and that´s it.

  • vkk178vkk178 Level 2
    edited August 2020

    ASUS Thinking that 5z users will upgrade to 6z or 7 for missing features is silly .. People might just go for a different brand altogether . Possibly of brand loyality comes if ASUS keeps their software updated with major missing features .

  • Overall i really love my Asus 5z but they really need to work on update situation and efficient bug fixes otherwise i can't see my future with Asus as a loyal customer.

  • Bringing up ZENUI 7 on top of ANDROID 10 for 5z would be a great move towards brand popularity or Android 11 on top of ZENUI 6 is also welcomed you should really think on it ASUS as 5z is best sold device for ASUS till date with less hardware damages comparing all other ASUS devices

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