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What's everyone else use for their settings? I personally find all the pre-sets to be very bland and go with the custom settings. Saturation all the way up and color temp turned up enough to make orange the color red. I think red and black look better. I've wondered if this would effect battery at all since my colors pop a lot more than what they would with the pre-sets. Silly I know but I'm curious


  • KanuKanu Level 2

    I use this since it feels way more natural to me than other default settings.

  • Colors seem extremely muted with the pre-sets. Colors should be very vibrant with amoled display. My oneplus 6t had some amoled display options that made colors pop. I'm glad I have the option to at least do this manually. Does anyone know for certain if this would have a effect on the battery? I've tried to use defaults for a period of time and see if I noticed a difference but I REALLY don't like the muted feeling of the colors so I always switch back to customized display settings

  • VampVamp Level 3

    Everyone perceives color differently and prefer differently. Natural profile will give you the best balance b/w saturation and color representation while standard will give you the most color accurate profile. I personally like standard as I like colors more accurate rather than saturated and boosted. In case of OnePlus 6t that display has one of the worst color accuracy when compared to today's displays but got a lot of punch in color but still ROG's display in most saturated setting is more accurate than OnePlus 6t. The only thing you can do is play with splendid custom settings to get best saturation.

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