Rog Phone 3 legit seller?

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Rog phone 3.Is this seller legit? Or they selling fakes? Interested in global version rog phone 3 16gb/512gb . It doesn't look like Australia is selling this anytime soon.

Please follow this link and let me know.

AU $1,119.53 51%OFF | ASUS ROG Phone 3 Global Version

AU $1,119.53 51%OFF | ASUS ROG Phone 3 Global Version ZS661KS 5G Smartphone Snapdragon 865/865Plus OTA rog phone 2 update version ROG3 Смартфоны


  • There's no way of knowing which of these dealers that are "legit" but if they deliver what they say they are selling then the B and C version should be a Global phone. Most probably purchased from Hong Kong.

    Ask the dealer what will happen if you are ever in need of service before you purchase it

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