All windows move to main display after reopening laptop

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  3. Model: Zenbook pro UX581GV
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Detailed description:The laptop has two screens, right? This is really handy for workflow. Particularly when I'm working on marketing material, I'll keep my brand info in a tab on the 2nd display (the one on the keyboard) so I don't have to keep switching back and forth between that and what I'm doing. Trouble is, whenever I close the laptop (physically fold it) and then open it again, all the windows that were in the 2nd display are moved to the main display. Is there a way to fix this? It's really annoying to have to move them every time I reopen my laptop.


  • hmmmm, I had this issue randomly on my older ROG, but only with external monitor of course

    I just got the ux581 a lil over a week ago and haven't had this isuse, especially not from the 2nd monitor on the keyboard. I have an external (3rd) monitor connected and haven't as well. I'm on 2004

  • Hello browniebyday,

    It has been adjusted by the latter BIOS long time ago....please kindly update.

    Please kindly do understand that the screenpad plus worked as an external monitor to the main screen, so

    it is normal for it be turned off when laptop goes to sleep, then of course all windows go to main screen.

    With the new BIOS, we keep the screenpad plus not fully turned off, so of course, more battery consumption.

    Thank you.

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