Michał MadejaMichał Madeja Level 1
edited October 2020 in ZenFone 6

I'm really happy user of this phone, i really dont know is there any sensible competition for it except OnePlus 7Pro or Oppo Reno 2 (all with pop up camera), but problem with Zenfone is..... You cant buy it anymore. Why? Why this phone is unavailable everywhere? Its one of best smartphones from 2019, camera design is one of best trends for smartphones since introducing ugly notches and holes in screen. Please, if you are making Zeonfone 7, make it same way as Zenfone 6, with flip/popup camera - leave screen intact.

I really wanted to buy new (second) zenfone 6, but there is no option. What is the reason? Its like that for few months.


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