My Asus Zenbook UX581GV-H2004R 15.6" don´t send signal to external monitor anymore

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  1. System: Windows 10 PRO
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: Zenbook UX581GV-H2004R 
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Permanent no signal to external monitor
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:I have been using my Asus Zenbook UX581GV-H2004R 15.6" for some few months. I´m connecting my Asus to an external monitor with a HTML cable. Today the notebook stop sending a signal to the external monitor.

Normally the HTMI cable work with using the HTML connector and also with a hub for USB-C.

I have updated to the latest driver. Cable changed and monitor changed as a test and it´s the notebook, who don´t send a signal to the monitor.

Please try help me with another advice than just send the device to service center. The notebook have been functioning with both connectors (HTML and USB-C).

I look forward to hear from you soon.

Best regards and thanks



  • Hello John,

    Was there any update or modification before the issue occurred?

    And is the monitor detected by the notebook and vise versa?

    Is there any error message when you connect the monitor or in device menager?

    Thank you.

  • Hello Blake

    Thank you very much for your fast answer.

    I have found out, that Windows 10 pro had some problems with both the Intel UHD Graphics 630 and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 drivers (errors in the device manager), so they was not working anymore. I deleted both and install new ones.

    I can again connect to my external monitor, BUT when I enter the advanced settings for both the external and internal monitor, they both are using the Intel UHD Graphics 630 Card and not the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 card , so I have serious problem rendering videos in Adobe Premiere Pro.

    I will be happy if you can advice me regarding this. I´m working hard with videos, which I had to finish, but spend a lot of time waiting because the notebook don´t use the fastest graphics.

    I have try to resolve the problem with the MyAsus software, but it don´t find and resolve the problems in this case.

    Look forward to hear from you asap.

    Best regards and thanks

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    Hello John,

    So you are not able to change the graphic card in the settings or Nvidia control panel?

    May I have a screenshot of it?

    The issue happened after you upgrade to Windows Pro?

    Have you check windows update to see if all the updates are completed ?

    Please kindly describe the MyASUS problem as well.

    Thank you.

  • Helle Blake

    Windows Pro was pre-installed when I bought the notebook.

    Windows is with the latest update.

    I have entered the Nvidia control panel. I will will include a jpg of the control panel and also screen setting for the notebook.

    I can´t find other options in the control panel. Maybe you can advice me further?

    Hope the images can help.....?

    Look forward to hear from you.

  • I try again.

    Windows 10 Pro was pre-installed when I bought the notebook in March 2020. Windows is with the latest update.

    I try to select the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 card in the Nvidia control panel. Please see screenshot. I don't know if I´m doing the right things here. Please advice further.

    Screenshot of the screen settings show, that the notebooks monitor is using the Intel UHD Graphics 630 Card. When I connect an external monitor, I get the same card.

    MyASUS don´t show any problems.

    Look forward to hear from you soon..... Thanks

  • Nvidia Screen setting for the notebook. Hope this will help you. Thanks

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    Hello John, the Nvidia control panel, please do the the "3D-Setting" (the one above "PhysX setting"

    then you may set the settings you like.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Blake

    I have been in the other settings to. I have restored to the settings from the beginning, but it still shows that it using the Intel card.

    I have looked at the manual and did not find anything regarding monitor settings. Please remenber that this notebook have 2 screens. Is there other software on the notebook, which control the use of 2 graphic cards?

    I will appreciate if you can get more details about the Nvidia control panel settings recommended for this notebook and other informations about how to resolve it.

    How is it functioning? Is the small screen using the Intel Card and the big screen using the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 card?

    Thanks for your help

  • Hello Blake

    I´m exporting a 10 minutes video and the takes more than 11 hours to make the export file. Normally this is done in 30 minutes. I hope that you and your team will send me informations, that can resolve the issue, because I´m spending days without getting my work done. I have invested in a notebook, which should have a fast GPU to speed up my work. It´s not a cheap notebook, my expectations are high to, so please advice me, how we can resolve it.

    The nearest Asus service center is more than 2.000 km away and they do not make any kind of service under warranty, because I have bought the notebook in another country - even it´s only 4-5 months since I bought it. With the cost for travelling etc., this can be very expensive things to resolve with the Asus service center, so therefore I hope that we can get closer here on your Asus Zen Talk channel.

    Best regards and thanks,

  • LiviuLiviu Level 2

    Could you set a rule for Adobe Premiere Pro to use only the RTX card and check if it fixes your issue? See my picture. Set it to Hight performance.

  • Hello Liviu

    Thank you very much.

    I have follow your advice and added both Premiere Pro and Lightroom CC. Later tonight I will export a video and see about how fast the export will be compared with the video I export earlier today.

    I will post a message later.

    Best regards and thanks......

  • Dear Support.

    I´m very frustrated with the Graphics management of this notebook. I spend many working hours to connect to external monitor. I´m loosing a lot of money and can´t finish my work, because this notebook don´t have stability connecting the external monitor.

    I can´t recommend the notebook for work, where you need connect to an external monitor. I have tried many cables and processes to connect, but sometimes it works and sometimes not.

    I think the problem is in the software. The notebook have 2 internal monitors and the notebook don´t registre my external monitor and don´t connect (sometimes). My external monitor have no problems to connect to my old computers and notebooks, but I bourght this expensive notebook for faster editing of videos and photos, but need to connect to a bigger monitor than the internal.

    Just to let you know, there is no ASUS service center nearby and they don´t accept international warranty.

    Need urgent help. Have spend hours without resolving the issue.

    Best regards,

  • form my basic knowledge, in laptops internal & external monitors will use always Processor based graphics UHD 630.

    Use generic drivers directly from Nvidia website.

    for video rendering process you must use nvidia studio based whql driver only. Dont use normal driver.

    Also you must the video rendering process software executable files should added in nvidia control panel , select High performance processor RTX 2060. and make necessary adjustments in nvidia control panel,

    You can download studio driver from below sites for different driver versions

  • Hello RAJU

    Thank you very much for your message and advices. I have installed the GeForce drivers and the problem continue.

    The Asus Zenbook do not registre the external monitor and for that reason the notebook don´t send signals to the external monitor.

    I have connected the monitor and cable to other computers and notebooks and they are working without problems, but this notebook never have stability with connecting external monitor. Some times it works for days and sometimes it don´t work.

    In the nvidia control panel I have selected the RTX2060 and also in the windows graphics settings I have selected the programs like Adobe Premiere, Lightroom etc. to use RTX2060, but the problem is, that the notebook don´t send signal to the external monitor.

    All drivers, windows and Asus is updated to latest version.

    Best regards,

  • Hi John,

    I would recommend you to send your device to service center for further examination.

    It's really strange and not about the warranty thing you said....

    if it's our official service center, it of course accept device with global warranty and local warranty in your region.

    Unless your device is having local warranty in another region, do you want me to check for you?

    Please refer to below link to find the official service center.

    If it's really too far away from you, you may also email or call local team to arrange to send it in.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake.

    Thank you very much. We will contact the service center you send to me and see what they can help me with.

    For your information. When I enable Screenpad Plus and use the projicer button and select a sescond monitor, the Screenpad Plus receive the monitor signal even the HDMI cable for the external monitor is in the notebook. There is no signal to the external monitor (with Screenpad Plus enabled and disabled). Maybe it´s a hardware problem, but I think it can be a software problem to.

    I will keep you updated.

    Thank you very much

  • Hello John,

    Sorry I'm bit confused.

    So you connected an external monitor with HDMI port, and then the sceenpad plus is also on.

    Then which Project mode did you choose? "Duplicate" , "Extend" or "Second Screen only"?

    Was the external monitor correctly detected by the laptop?

    May you check in Settings> System> Display and take a screenshot of the monitor setting?

    Thank you.

  • Dear ASUS Support.

    We have contacted all the official service center in Brazil from your link above and one is only working with cell phones and the others don´t work with notebooks under warranty (my warranty is to 2021/11/14) I attach a screenshot of the MyAsus warranty page.

    Earlier contact with ASUS Brasil was also very negative, since they don´t accept to receive or return notebooks with any postal services and they don´t have spareparts in stock. They know the problem with "no signal to external monitor" and think it´s the main board.

    It´s a big contrast to DELL, which make the service on the buyers location.

    In attach a screenshot of the Settings> System> Display. When I try to register a monitor - it don´t register. I have tried to registre an external monitor with and without Screenpad Plus enabled. Non of the "Duplicate" , "Extend" or "Second Screen only" is working.

    Beside that the notebook can´t send signal to extern monitor, there are defects when using the notebooks monitor. In Adobe Premiere Pro (latest version) the monitor flash when editing videos. I will try to attach a video.

    Also Adobe Premiere Pro close many times with different errors. When I edit the same videos on a Dell desktop computer with slower CPU, GPU and less memory there is no problem.

    I would like to ask how ASUS will resolve the problems? If there is no solution on how to get the notebook repaired or changed, I will need to ask for a return of my investment.

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    Hello John,

    Do you have a Case ID that you communicate with our Brazil local team?

    I will check on that for you.

    Also, please go to Setting>Apps & Feature>Intel Graphic Control Panel>Uninstall

    then install below this one

    after installation, go into this App>System>Power>On battery>Turn off Panel Self Refresh.

    Thank you so much.

  • Dear support.

    Thank you very much for your follow-up and I´m sorry that I haven´t answered before, but I had severe pain in my neck for more than 2 weeks, because of to much video editing on the notebook.

    The above Intel Graphics Command center app was already installed, but I have uninstalled and installed it again. Still no signal to an external monitor. If I enable the Screenpad Plus, then I can select that as an another monitor, but that´s not what I need. I need to connect to an external monitor (bigger monitor) for better editing and a more relaxed head position.

    We did not get Case ID, because they couldn't help us, so you are free to contact your colleague as you prefer to solve the problem. Please be sure, that they have the needed spareparts in stock, before I send my notebook to them. If they have a prefered postal service, please let me know.

    Best regards and thanks,

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