Rog Phone 3 multiple issues



  • Am just informing you @Anders_ASUS in your 6th point, the multiple touch issue was not solved yet,there is a ghost touch while firing . And am honestly tell u that in a gaming phone ,this type of issue can't be exist. losts of users face this problem. It was so disgusting. And u also agreed that there was a ghost touch issue. I request you to kindly consider on this issue.

  • I decided to buy Rog phone3 last week and this is how I feel.

    Expecting a nice smooth experience gaming but what I have got is overheated issue, you can not playing game while charging at the same time.

    If you run YouTube for about 30 mins or more temperature could reach 40c .... I have no word to say.

    Air trigger having issues time to time, it just keep shooting when I didn't even press it.

    Network issue with 4g network is the worst, I was searching and look through all forum, Google even email and ask Asus tech team this issue wasn't fix but then I found some forum said it is a fault set up by factory with your APN.

    Basically you just need to input your network provider by yourself by searching your network APN from Google in manual create a new one then it just working fine.

    For a new phone in 2020 this is the first time I have experienced this.

    All I can say now is, a big mistake for me to jump to this phone for gaming, playing COD mobile with minimum setting for 1 hour then game having lagging spike issue so I have to restart the game.

    If anyone thinking about buying Asus Rog phone 3 for gaming and expect it to be nice and cool while you playing or even a housewife wants to just watch YouTube at home all day long .... Highly recommended not to buy it your hand might just get burn after a while.

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