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Hello, I saw in the Chinese version of zentalk that the stable version of Android 10 of zenfone 5 seems to be gone, and it was officially called by Asus

Is it true?

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  • There seems to be no stable version of android 10 + Zenui 6, the official confirmation is indeed not

  • Why is android 10 for asus zenfone 5 very take long time to be released ???...many cheap devices in the market already use android 10, very sad

  • Because ASUS doesn't want to work. Because they are not interested in it. Because they don't care about their target audience. Because they are not interested in our wishes. Because they produce smartphones for the tick. Because the ASUS division responsible for supporting and releasing smartphones is a piece of shit. I am becoming more and more convinced of this every day. All responses to Zentalk are of the same type, copied from a template, and do not help people solve any problems. Every post posted here remains unanswered by the developers.

  • Someone in Taiwan complained to the consumer protection officer for the second time.

    Hope for good results.

  • This process will take a very long time because the company is very large and far from stupid. And makes all the documents legally competent. The chances of winning are extremely small. The only thing I'm trying to get is at least some adequate response from the representatives. Not a template but a real live communication. But alas, the company does not want to make contact and does everything that more and more people refuse to use their mobile products

  • The ZF4 series said that there was no plan after a year and a half, the opportunity is equivalent to impossible.

  • I heard that the 5 series will be supported for 2 years. In my opinion, this is stupid and very small, since not everyone has the opportunity to buy new devices every year or 2. A10 was released 1.5 years after the release of the 5 series and developers still can not release a stable version with new firmware. They spent 3 months creating a stable version of A9. We haven't seen a10 for a year. In addition, they do not release a security update for the A9 every month. I am very disappointed in the company. And in no case will I ever buy or recommend their mobile products again. As for computers, they make very good products. I have a 2014 laptop and recently discovered that new drivers have been released on the official website. The laptop is outdated for a long time, but it still works, and official drivers are still released for it. I was glad of it. But as for the mobile division, it's a piece of shit, in terms of device support.

  • I wonder why other companies are able to support their old smartphones despite the fact that they release not 1 smartphone but 3 or more every year. And each one they support. I recently learned that OnePlus is preparing to update its very first smartphone to a10, it was released 6 years ago. This is what I mean by a good attitude to my audience. Why can't ASUS do this?

  • It is currently known that it is not only ZF5 that does not have a stable version.

    Other models that do not currently have a stable version are no surprises and there will be no more.

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    You can get android 10 through customs roms on your Zenfone 5 too by the way

    Oneplus one isn't getting A10 officially

    Official support for that phone died years ago

    Only oneplus 6 (2018) and later models are supported officially by oneplus now

    It's getting it on custom roms

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