Battery 100% and its showing that it shud last for next 12 hours. Pathetic I wud say

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  • Hi you don't need to worry. That's an Android algorithm which shows you an estimate. Now estimate depends on variety of factors such as Brightness, refresh rate, battery modes, background apps, screen time out etc.

    The most important factor here is how much Screen on time you get.

  • Hi ARP_ASUS,

    Yes, battery didn't died out in 12 hours. I was getting decent SOT. You can see the screenshot attached to see SOT. I kept screen refresh rate @60hz.

    I faced below issues till now:

    Issue-1: screen refresh rate locked @60hz

    From last 1 day, my Rog 3 was stuck at 60hz screen refresh rate and display settings didn't allowed me to change the rate. Saw the message that it is in use by program or hardware. After going through Rog 2 discussion threads, I cleaned storage and cache of armoury crate app. It didn't resolved the issue. Finally, I did factory reset of the Rog 3 And now screen refresh rate is working fine.

    Risk: I can't always do factory reset later point of time as device will be full and taking backup of device would consume more time. Since it's just couple of days old, I went ahead with factory reset.

    Issue-2: Total RAM size is 7.5GB instead of 8GB

    I checked total RAM size using cpu-z, Device Info apps. These apps are showing that total RAM is 7.5GB where as it should be 8GB. Rog 3 device I bought is 8GB model. Any explanation for the missing 0.5GB total RAM. Device settings panel showing Ram as 8GB and I think it was default Ram size value showing up for this model. I would go for replacement in case my device is faulty one having less than 8GB RAM.



  • Above Issue-2 seems to be not an issue as mobile manager is showing RAM size 7.9GB.

    If any solution or steps to be followed for Issue-1 would be really helpful.

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