ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • Don't worry. You can sell your ROG Phone 3, and buy ROG Phone 5. It will solved all you problem, black crush or ect!

  • You expect rog 5 is the answer to all our problems ? Problems as in all the issues we are facing with the rog 3...

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    Indeed, the rog phone 3 should have solved rog 2 problems, instead it just added new problems.

    And then I will never trust again a company writing fake info about their phones on official website.

    About the colours, I tried many things in the splendid app, but is always very far from samsung's quality (and the others brands too)

    The only single time the display shows his quality is with youtube Hdr videos, but outside it becomes bad.

    I don't mind much considering I found Eu version at only 550€, but people who spent 800-1000€..

  • No, he can't, because now everybody knows this phone sucks.

  • Soon you will see the sales record on Rog Phone 5. Muahahahaaa...

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    Of course many people will buy it, they just see "rog" and "gaming" and they instantly buy.

    But people with a brain will never buy Rog 5 so fast;) and will probably go to a much better Red Magic

    If someone has a rog 3 there is no reason to buy rog 5, the performance are similar with Just "1 year" (8months) difference

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    I don't understand (maybe I am silly) when people buy a phone and they see something not comfortable with or a defect exists such as this so called black crush which seems to affect alot of you. Surely, you would take the phone back for a refund or get a new device. I mean, did I miss something?

    Anyway, let's hope A11 would address some/all black crush issue - some how, some way. It's just that black crush has been there since day 1 and it's not something that people could miss with the amount of people commenting on this topic.

    I will be honest, ROG is definately in it's own league with other ASUS and other manufacturer models out there, therefore there is no need to change phones every year. Don't get me wrong, it's probably a decent to have on a daily basis and for a number of new years. I used to have Samsungs and I change the phone every year (I buy the phone out right) and the performance quickly demishes probably because the loads of bloatware they install.

    I have a ROG 2 and I don't think i will get a ROG 5 neither, let alone ROG 3 users :( There is simply no reason to change phones from me because I am happy with what I have. I would be wrong in saying I am not jealous (because I would be for the guys who buy ROG 5). I am definately looking forward to seeing ROG 5 coming out not because it's new, but the suprises it brings like no other phones.

    Keep on what you're doing ASUS, stand out from the crowd. Always room for improvements.

  • Not only standing out from the crowd, demolishing and winning the competition in both gaming, performance AND benchmarks,YouTube is filled with proof check it out ASUS,you made it as best it can be

  • The thing with other phones like Red magic is that they don't have an good ui, software support is worse,they don't have dedicated global betas, forums are more or less dead for those devices,no development, no gcam development (gotta say Asus is way better in this aspect) and other features/ui integration is better on Rog

    Rog 5 will improve on all that aspects with newer tech, headphone jack with high end dac (this is a biggie for audiophiles) the very best stereo amped speakers with customisation in audiowizard (audiowizard is an one of a kind software many OEMs don't implement) and many other things which are exclusive to Rog

    Buying/finding third party accessories is much easier for Rog comapared to black shark/Nubia cos of its better market reception and sales

  • You should know that ROG stands out as first priority in gaming smarthphone crowd, and with no doubt ROG 5 will be an improvement at which buyers see. Also i think according to my analyization i dont thin ROG 3 & 2 users will upgrade to ROG 5 because of its lifecycle why will a recent buyer go for a new buy after a year or 2 after spending somuch. So basically crowd which will get attracted to ROG 5 will be a new gaming enthusiast and newer to ASUS family. So i dont think sales will be hampered that much. for many out there buying ROG is still a dream so lets sit back and enjoy launch event with ample amount of improvements also let me tell you that support will always be improved with every new launch also improvemnts are with experinces and asus is really great at it with innovations at every lineup. I am asus zenfone user since 2014.


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