ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • It happends even on dark widgets with transparency

    1. Update to the Latest version 17.0823. 2009.99 after applying the update on the device.
    2. Have it reset to default.
    3. If the issue still persistent I guess that's the time you can ask for a replacement.

    In my theory the black crush issue is happening on those device who came out 1st i guess that was July or August. I just recently bought my phone Dec 16. And here's what i experienced on the 1st day.

    1. Heating Issue when charging it up ( Slow charging enbled )
    2. Battery is draining fast even its on IDLE.
    3. Black crush issue - didn't even know how to identify that on from 1st day to 3rd day of usage on the 4th day i notice when im on dark mode in youtube i get this reddish overlay 60hz - 144hz 0% brightness but no green tint or distored black background when playing dark scene movies i.e ( Dark Shadows ).
    4. All issue is gone after updating it and do a Factory Default on the device except this reddish overlay on youtube im not sure on any other Streaming Medias.
    5. Battery optimized and Heating issue optimized too.
  • After having the phone for 4 months and reading all the problems involving black crush issue i also believe it is a hardware problem not software.comparing it with other phones i think it has a really poor display not only because of black crush.its a pitty because except this it is a really good smartphone.

  • After .122 update today.. The mighty Rog 3 vs antique OnePlus 3..60 hz full brightness... Nice fix asus😂😂

  • Much unfortunate after 2 months of wait, the new update still a fixes targeted towards YouTube (improvement but still exist). Games or viewing YouTube in browser mode still present the same amount of black crush before and after update.

  • pradhyumnapradhyumna Level 2
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    It's a complete hardware defect. I've accidentally broke my screen, which was having issues of black crush. After display replacement I rarely observed a black crush(almost gone).

    Note: Not recommending anyone to break their display ( Not affordable)

  • MVMV Level 3

    Care to share some photos of darker grey areas in any video app. Check on YouTube batman trailer or any 4k amoled video.

  • Played that video many times no black crush after display replacement. I'll post it later, mate!

  • Dr. SushPDr. SushP Level 1
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    Hoping some highly enlightened "App developer" to shed some light on this persistent failure from ASUS side..

    Finally .. this really is enough.. it's clear they don't have anything else up their sleeve for this ..

  • MVMV Level 3

    If it's not part of firmware already it will be very hard for a dev(XDA) to reverse engineer it, the time required will be rather too much for the outcome required. Thats why no one will bother looking into it.

  • SaifuddinSaifuddin Level 4
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    How much it cost?

    My display is okay but somehow I managed to break my glass on 5th day of purchasing in my pocket and it's still a mystery to me that how it happened

  • Don't know I also got suprised. I did some high level communication with Asus India. And they gave it free.

  • PHPH Level 1

    Black crush issue cannot be fixed...and it's a known fact with our existing displays

  • Dr. SushPDr. SushP Level 1
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    Even the refresh rate switching automatically and Asus launcher keeps stopping... None of these issues fixed. What was even the point of such an update.. bunch of useless drunkards

  • My rog 3 seems to have very little black crush, still tiny red tint after update at lowest brightness but overall looks better and acceptable.

    Did the new patch fixed slow charge at 10w issue? That it wasn't slow charging. Anyone tested it out? Trying charging 80 to 90 percent, feeling not as hot for now (maybe working)

  • ajinkya017ajinkya017 Level 2
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    Slow charge seems to be working for me as well. It was not working before. No heating at all while charging now after update.

  • Still no improvement with the black crush. Very disappointing. I dint know with others, but my strix version bought last september 15 still having the same issue, no improvement whatsoever. This is my second time using asus phone which the two are disappointments. This will be my last phone from them. Will now be buying an apple next year.

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