ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • I am also suffering from black crush issue if it is a hardware problem then inform me cause i in the return period

    Or fix it,if a software issue is there.The software is updated to.32 also so plzz fix this

  • I do. Returning is the only option till this resolves. And we can buy it when things are good

  • Flipkart. It's only replacement option is there....No refund. The Devs like Asus won't be fixing this Heavy black crush, I guess!

  • I m also facing this black crush

    .. highly disappointed...I will wait fo 3 days from now and then I will refund it..and will never buy asus phone

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    That won't be any better

    The 8pro suffers from heavy black crush,image retention,black bar around the punch hole area (plus you can't force full screen in apps like Netflix),tint uniformity etc

    I know 2 guys who got refunds for the 8pro's due to the tint and black bar(tint uniformity is terrible in oneplus phones)

    8 has similar issues

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    Try this guys: (test video included below)

    YouTube Vanced download link:

  • On 100% brightness it should be visible upto 5 but for the rest of the brightness levels what is the ideal visibility ? My ROG 3 is crying from black crush literally dark scenes look like nightmare , please tell otherwise i will replace it too :(

  • My results from vanced app as suggested by enabling the slider and all :-

    1% visible upto 25

    4% visible upto 14

    10% visible upto 10

    25% visible upto 8 ( 8 barely)

    50% visible upto 6( 6 barely)

    75% visible upto 5( 5 barely)

    50% visible upto 5

    I dont know if these results are fine or not guys share your results too, but even though they are fine then why so severe issue in any other app ? Netflix a total disaster , normal youtube a total disaster ?? Please suggest

  • Raised return request, Asus technician came to look after Black crush issue and replied that "every HDR panel phones having this black crush issue". And he simply recorded the video of my Black crush Screen with his Redmi Phone. He uploaded it. And within 30 minutes I got replied from Flipkart that my return request is rejected. WTF.

    Now I've raised REFUND request.

    Asus team should maintain good quality control, if they really cares for their customers. Very worst experience. I now highly recommending my friends that don't buy Asus devices. A worst Flagship ever seen with worst display experience.

    Great job Dev!!! Almost, every ROG 3 owner reporting the black crush issue, and not a single patch given to fix it!!! What a shame....

  • But it is happening every where even while i was playing MK11 I could literally see the pixelated black areas

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    Same here.. even the refund got rejected.. I raised the issue again.. I don't know if it's my unit, I see rainbow effect around the border of my phone, like as if I have applied tempered glass. And the Jeeves technician says it's not his checklist. So even my refund got rejected .. Really pissed off. I am gonna upload a video over YouTube tonight.. all the techtubers are hiding these issues..

  • Someone please post a video on Youtube for everyone to see the so called “Flagship” phone by ASUS working its magic. These reviewers are just going to talk about the processer, FPS counter, Air triggers and not address the real issue.

    The display is such a basic and crucial thing i cant imagine how can every device face the issue unless its a manufacturing defect? Has ASUS lost it??? If we dont speak about it, the ASUS dev team wont care to solve the issue let alone an update fixing the issue. However i hardly think it is a software issue, more of a hardware problem.

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    Guys download screen balance app and apply the given settings (from screenshot)

    It will fix the Black crush.

    Mod please look at this matter can fix via ota ..

    P.S. - Do not forget to open the app in the background.

  • Yeah, it fixed upto some extent, but still the black crush issue can be seen. But this app did a good job I must say, it reduced the black crush.

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    You will see a big difference only when the brightness is more than 20%, the same video with more than 20% brightness and less than 20% brightness Try to see, you will see a definite difference. So I believe this might be resolved by OTA update so ASUS team please work on this as soon as possible and provide us with some subtle solutions. Waiting for replay from some mod.

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    Is it totally safe to use such app. ..or we should wait for the update ??

    Also using an app is not a proper solution beacuse somewhat colour accuracy lacks there.

    I m just waiting for 4-5 days ..if proper solutionwill not come I will return this and for sure I m not going to buy asus device ever..

    For now I will not suggest to buy rog 3

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    Bought the phone yesterday. I noticed the black crush issue at night. Especially in low brightness. I understand that Oled panels have these issues. But this is extreme in rog 3. At low brightness i can see black crush in every app which is dark. Not just pictures or videos even texts appear bad. Just open twitter turn on dark mode and scroll. You will see black crush very bad in texts. It feels very cheap. I was using Galaxy S10 before. S10 also had black crush issues but not to this extent in Rog 3. I am very disappointed in Asus. How could they miss something so major. Hope to see a fix soon!!!

  • Yup tried it and it worked severe improvements seen

    MODS look into this seriously this is a software issue solve it ASAP or a majority of the population will create quite a buzz with negatives about this phone in the market

  • That's great, I was looking for the right proportions and this seems to look very good, it's almost totally solved or at least it's what it looks like at a first quick glance at dark pics!

    So please Asus, now we know it's fixable since it's a matter of software!

    I'm a 4 year customer (and my Zenfone 3 is still alive and working despite me being a total phone destroyer) and I still want to be one for years, please, don't disappoint us on such a great device!

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